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Ikke gå glipp av muligheten til å se en tradisjonell sumo-turnering mens du er i Tokyo. Ta undergrunnsbanen sammen med andre sumofans til «kokugikan» (sumoamfiteateret) og se flere sumokamper på ettermiddagen. Først kan du besøke det fascinerende Sumo-museet for å se sumo-relaterte gjenstander fra Edo-perioden til nå. Oppgrader opplevelsen for å få middag på en chanko-restaurant med en smakfull, japansk gryterett.

Du kan nå forhåndsbestille billetter til 2016-sesongen. Gjeldende tilgjengelige datoer i 2016 er 11.–25. september.

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, sep 2018

Fantastic cultural experience. Our guide was very knowledgeable and went to a lot of effort to share this with us.

, sep 2018

De organisatie was subliem. Onze gids is zelf een groot fan van de sumo worstelaars. En had veel informatie en leuke te vertellen.

, jul 2018

Awesome experience would definitely do it again, the translator was a little difficult to understand. But overall 5/5

, jul 2018

We were lucky that this Sumo tournament was happening during our vacation to Japan. We jumped at the opportunity and were not disappointed at all! Booking through Viator made this super easy otherwise I heard getting tickets to this is super hard even for Japanese residents. Since we had never seen Sumo it was nice that before the show Sumo was explained and during the show we were handed a quick guide about the different Sumo wrestlers. I 100% recommend this to everyone!

, jun 2018

This was a fantastic experience and made better by having a guide explain everything to us. We learnt about the history of the Sumo, how the matches work, how much the Sumo's earn through sponsors and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the stadium. Highly recommended.

, apr 2018

I always like to see sporting events when I travel, and what could be more appropriate on a visit to Japan as a Sumo Wrestling Tournament. The tour guide was friendly and very efficient. We were staying at a hotel that was one of the pickup points, so that was a convenience for us. We then made our way to a train station and caught the train to the Ryogoku Station right outside of the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena. All tickets were included in the tour.

I did anticipate the Sumo Tournament lasting several hours, I didn't book the tour with the dinner option in case we wanted to leave at our leisure. The tour guide assured us that we could leave whenever we wanted to without any issues. We walked around outside of the arena area, took a look at the Sumo Museum and read up on some of the history of the sport. We even got to meet one of the retired Sumo Celebrities from our State of Hawaii, former Ozeki, Konishiki. Our guide took us inside the arena just before the matches started. We did not stay for the entire time, but we did enjoy watching the Sumo matches that we did see. We had pretty good stadium seating on the upper levels, we did not have to sit on the floor seating which is much closer to the Sumo Ring itself. We got some food and drinks and was able to eat inside while watching the matches. We left after a couple of hours and our tour guide made sure we understood how to get back to our hotel on the train. I understand it is not common practice to give monetary gratuities in Japan, in fact it is frowned upon, but they do not mind if you give them Omiyage, or a small gift. We had small boxes of chocolate macadamias that we brought from Hawaii and gave our guide some and she was very appreciative and welcoming of it.

, feb 2018

Fantastic tour guide and excellent experience.

, feb 2018

Very enjoyable event, something to be seen if you are lucky enough to be in Japan when the matches are on. Guides know a lot about Sumo and are very happy to explain the whole competition from the clothes worn to the procedure of salt throwing to the banner shows before each match.

If you want to visit the tourist shops inside the stadium, turn up early. I arrived at 2 pm and just went straight to the hall with the guides. The sumo matches are televised and as such, need to finish by 6 pm. So they ran the matches back to back. The souvenir shops are located on a different floor to the seating areas and close before the matches end. I had a choice of visiting the shops or watching the main event.

Finally, the people who actually book your ticket and accompany you to the show are excellent. They speak English, are friendly and very patient. I found the customer service team with Viator to be the exact opposite. I booked tickets for this show in January, had questions about the timing - wasn't sure if I could make it - spoke to 3 different people in Viator who promised to get back in touch with the required details. It's mid-Feb. and I am still waiting for a reply. If you are pushed for time, have questions or need assistance, don't use Viator.

, feb 2018

Awesome! The tour guide was great, she was a true fan of the sport. Presentation was excellent and entertaining. A must see when in Tokyo.

, feb 2018

The guide that we had was horrible you would have thought it was her first sumo tournament. We walked thru one little room which she said was the museum. I could have paid for the same seats thru other sights and seen just as well. I wasted alot of money on this, for the food part prior to getting to the tournament she shows us where it was just in case. So she didn't even stay there with us and we were on our own figuring out how to get back to our hotel... Will never book with Viator again. There were other tours you could tell there and they were always talking to the guests... Guess our lady was tired of the whole thing... Not even sure where she sat??? wasted money for this tour

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