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Time11 timer (Omtrentlig)


Nyt en heldags, guidet tur fra Tokyo til Fuji-fjellet og deretter til den nærliggende Ashi-sjøen og taubanen til Komagatake-fjellet. Du nyter godt av komfortabel transport og en kunnskapsrik guide, som ledsager deg til den populære Fuji-fjellets 5. stasjon. Ta et kort båtcruise på Ashi-sjøen, og reis med taubane til toppen av Komagatake-fjellet, med utsikt over Fuji-fjellet. Returner til Tokyo med høyhastighetstog om kvelden, etter å ha opplevd noen av Japans ikoniske høydepunkter.

USD 142,00

Dagen starter tidlig, med henting av luksusbuss ved utvalgte hoteller og andre steder i Tokyo. Nyt landskapet mens du drar av gårde fra Tokyo på en 2,5 timers kjøretur til Fuji-fjellet, Japans høyeste.

Fortsett med buss til Fuji-fjellets 5. stasjon, som ligger i 2300 meters høyde, omtrent halvveis opp fjellet, og har et utsiktspunkt mot Fuji-fjellet og de omkringliggende sjøene (avhengig av værforhold). Den 5. stasjonen har også helligdommer, torii-porter og suvenirbutikker. Kanskje treffer du også på noen klatrere under de siste forberedelsene til oppstigningen.

Deretter har du tid til å nyte en japansk lunsj (hvis du velger + lunsj-alternativet i kassen). Du kan også kjøpe ditt eget måltid. Deretter kjøres du til Ashi-sjøen, i nærheten av Hakone nasjonalpark. Beundre det vakre landskapet på et kort cruise på innsjøen, som er omgitt av fjell, blant annet Fuji og Komagatake.

Deretter drar du til toppen av Komagatake-fjellet med Komagatake-taubanen, en «lufttrikkelinje» som tar av fra bredden av innsjøen og tar deg opp Komagatake-fjellet i en lukket gondol med 360-graders utsikt. På toppen har du utsikt over Ashi-sjøen og Fuji-fjellet. Du kan også ta en kort spasertur på en av turstiene på fjelltoppen.

Etter besøket på Komagatake-fjellet drar du med buss til kveldsavgangen til høyhastighetstoget (Shinkansen) for retur til Tokyo stasjon.


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, aug 2016

Very well organised and well-guided

, jun 2016

Veldig bra!

, sep 2013

Turen var interessant.Vi fikk se litt utenfor TYO. Fin natur, fint fjell. Veldig bra guide. tur med kabelbane er et must.

, sep 2018

wish the operator doesnot rush you out of every stop.Does not allow enough time to sight seeingRushing in n out to get you back to Tokyo asapNot satisified

, sep 2018

Very happy with TK and the way he conducted the tour. But weather and traffic was against us and we were not able to get good view of Mount Fuji. The itinerary including the bullet train is so impressive.

, sep 2018

Great informative guide. I would do it again in a different climate since Fuji without snow was not what I expected. I saw enough of Hakone to realize that should be on my return list also. Fun day!

, sep 2018

Our tour guide was called Makato and was great, the tour itself was also smooth and exactly as advertised. The hotel pick up is well organised and Makato did his best to stick to the schedule but was also flexible in giving us longer in certain locations which was great of him. It's very windy when you are on the 5th station so take a jacket! The bullet train was also great to experience and part of why we chose the tour. Aside all this, there was unfortunately one member of our tour group which made the tour almost unbearable. Within 30 minutes of the coach leaving there was a loud announcement made by another visitor advising she needed the toilet. You are told before boarding the coach that there is no toilet on the bus and that you should go in the hotel as the first drive is around 2 hours. Unfortunately this visitor paid no attention to this and demanded that we pull over we were on a motorway in traffic. The guide tried to kindly advise this and asked why she didn't go before we left. I found her to rude and dismissive, demanding that we pull over immediately otherwise we would be sorry. There was no where to pull over but the driver pulled into the hard shoulder of the motorway and the woman rampaged around the coach before eventually taking a rubbish bag to be used for our recycling! and proceeded to tell the entire coach she would be using the bag. I don't think anyone knew where to look and despite the driver pulling over as per her demands she refused to actually get out the bus. The guide had been in the process of showing us Japanese symbols and language before being interrupted and had a result this really put a dampener on things not to mention must have made it incredibly hard on him. The coach started back up and we got back onto the motorway however, before I knew it the woman had made her way to the back of the bus where there was a few empty rows. After hearing rummaging around think a cat in a litter box I turned round to be met with the sight of a full grown women INSIDE A CLEAR GARBAGE BAG bent over defecating! After the ordeal the woman returned to her seat with a sudden change of tune. As it became increasingly apparent to everyone what had just happened, the coach turned off at the next service station where everyone scrambled to get off for clean air. The woman shamelessly announced that no one need stop on her behalf as there was no longer a problem. Upon return to the coach after our 15 min stop, in which the woman made the walk of shame with her plastic bag full of human waste, she also thought it would be appropriate to bring in a box apology chocolates bought from the service station. There is something about melted chocolate and watching someone go to the toilet at the back of a coach without any need to wash their hands that screams inappropriate. Although this particular event has no impact on the tour quality I am simply writing the review in the event this woman happens to stumble upon it and begin to understand how unbelievably disgusting and selfish her actions were! I'd also like to extend my thanks to the tour guide who handled the situation amazingly!

, sep 2018

This tour was jam packed, you are only in each place for a short amount of time but it's a great way to get to see a lot in a little bit of time. Plus a delicious lunch buffet at a Samurai cafe below Fuji!

, sep 2018

The tour guide was excellent. We had a lot covered in the one day and were on time.

, aug 2018

Please be aware that 75 of this tour which was more than 11 hours in my case you are sitting on a bus.

If you dont want to sit on a bus for the majority of the day then do not take this tour. In looking at some of the positive ratings of this tour,
I really wish I either had their tour guides, or a different bus, because this tour ruined a perfectly good day in Tokyo, my only full day.

I could have spent this day doing something else, or better yet, anything else.

The entire day the tour guide was saying we cant stay because we need to catch up on time. While we did see everything that is in the highlights section of the description, it was so quick that if you blinked you would feel that you were going back on the tour bus.
Furthermore there wasnt more than 5 minutes of silence on the bus during the 8.5 hours that we were driving. Most of the talk was the same stuff over and over again about the things about Mt. Fuji.which ironically we were not even going to see.

I should have been more diligent in my research before going on this tour, but I looked at mostly the positive reviews and not the negative ones. That wont happen again.

Please note that from other reviews the times are consistent with what is below:

To recap the timing of my tour:

My tour bus picked us up at 8:30 sharp.

Due to traffic, instead of going to Mount Fuji which was supposed to take 2.5 hours first we arrived at lunch in 3.5 hours.
Lunch was edible but not anything special and we were given 45 minutes to eat or explore the small town before we were hurried onto the bus.

It then took 1.5 hours to get from lunch to Mt. Fuji.

When we arrived at Mt. Fuji instead of Visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Mt Fuji as the highlights of the tour indicated, we were given, again, 45 minutes to look around the 5th station before we were told to get back on the bus. This was just enough time to go up to the observation deck which the tour guide gave poor instructions on how to get there and down, and barely write one post card.

This did not leave enough time to go to the shrine or the other shops that were there.

We got back on the bus and headed for another 1.5 hour drive to Lake Ashi. While we were on the bus the tour guide told us to get ready because we would need to run to catch the boat, which we barely did. He also said, dont go far away, because we need to get off the first stop.

The Cruise the waters of beautiful Lake Ashi in a boat was a 15 minute straight shot from one port to another. There was no cruising, nor enjoyment, as we had been encouraged not to go to the top decks since we were running short on time and needed to catch up.

We got off the boat and hustled to make the Mt Komagatake Ropeway time that was planned. We were ushered into the cable car and were told that once the cable car stopped we would have 30 minutes at the top.

This was the absolute best part of the trip, as the views were absolutely breathtaking, and we could easily have spent an hour there looking out, but nope, we needed to jump back on the bus and head to the bullet train. According the description of the tour, we would be able to See the bright red shrine and panoramic views on a stroll at the top of Mt Komagatake. There was barely enough time to run and the views and the shrine, which I barely did before being told to get back on the tram.

Again, just over 2 hours on the bus from Mt. Komagatake to the bullet train where we needed to make the 7:12 train so we were rushed off the bus and literally running to make the train. After the 40 minute bullet train, we arrived back at the Tokyo Station at approximately 7:55.

Please note that you are not delivered back to your hotel. From the Tokyo Station it is then on you to get back to your hotel. This took another 30 minutes.

To wrap this up:

Approximate Time spent on the bus: 8.5 hours
Time on the Boat: 15 minutes
Time on the Bullet Train.40 minutes
Approximate Time off the bus viewing: 2 hours and fifteen minutes

I have gone on many full day tours booked through Viator and thoroughly enjoyed the majority of them. This was the worst one I have ever been on and ironically the most expensive one.

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