• Sted: Tokyo, Japan
  • Varighet: 3 timer (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: Julie M , Australia, desember 2016

We were lucky enough for it to be just my sister and I walking with our guide Tak, who was lovely. Very interesting going in and out of little lanes and alleys and getting the history on it all. The weather was not ideal, it was raining on and off but we still had a great time. No rushing around, it's a fairly gentle pace. We were shouted a drink and yakitori in a tiny bar at the end of it. Our guide even got on the train with us to ensure we got back to our hotel okay! It was also great to be able to chat to him about life in Tokyo.

Anmeldt av: Liz D , november 2016

Fantastic tour especially good because our guide Miki San was so knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. She was fantastic!

Anmeldt av: David P , januar 2016

I had the advantage of being the only person on the tour so it was a an opportunity to chat to my guide and to find out not just about where we walked, but about life in modern day Tokyo and Japan. Joy was a very interesting and friendly guide, very enthusiastic about her subject. It was an extremely interesting tour with lovely discoveries tucked away down the tiny streets. To end the tour in a typical bar, the size of a front room, for a drink and a Japanese snack was a great end to the afternoon.

Anmeldt av: Johnny , juli 2015

very friendly tour guide. learned a lot about Japanese history and culture!

Anmeldt av: Hana , juni 2015

We went with a small group which was nice. We walked through the back streets of Tokyo and our guide took really good care of us. You get to see a very different side to Tokyo.

Anmeldt av: dft , mai 2015

Excellent and very well-informed guide, and a very interesting part of Tokyo. Highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt av: Georgina D , mars 2015


Anmeldt av: gary82 , august 2014

This tour will likely be a small group. There will be a lot of walking so come in shape. Amy, our tour guide, did a lot of research on this area before giving this tour. A very eye opening walk thru this old district of Tokyo. Shrines and little stores line a lot of these streets. We then walked the small side streets to see where exclusive restaurants which still use geisha were. I recommend this tour for adult only. Kids will get tired and fussy a some point during the tour.

Anmeldt av: Javier C , juni 2014

Sadly it was raining and we missed most of the tour attractions. However, it was a nice experience.

Anmeldt av: Charles G , januar 2014

Most excellent tour. Our tour guide did an excellent job of showing us one of the older neighborhoods in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. There was quite a bit of walking, so wear good shoes and be able to walk about 2.5 miles at a 2.2 mph pace. We took frequent breaks, so even the least fit in our small group of 9 were able to keep up. This was a very relaxed and friendly tour. Easy to see why it is so popular. We had the added advantage of taking the tour on the weekend, so there were community celebrations, with marathon runners, folks dressed in traditional outfits and entertainment near the temple. I would recommend that you take this tour early in your visit to Japan. Our tour guide explained may cultural aspects and courtesies. She even took us to the subway and gave detailed direction and tips about how to not only make our way back to our hotels, but how to use the subway during the rest of our time in Japan. Our guide was most helpful in answering all the questions that you might feel a little reluctant to ask. There was not a question, about anything, that she did not answer in a satisfactory and most helpful way.

Anmeldt av: Rob K , oktober 2013

This was such an amazing tour! It was very intimate and our guide was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone that really wants to get to know the city on a more intimate level. There was a lot of walking, so be prepared for that, but as long as you're ok with a day of walking, this is one of the best tours I've ever had.

Anmeldt av: John T H , Australia, juli 2013

This was a one on with tour guide, it involved a local train trip and was extremely enlightening.
The guide was well versed in English and we found it great prsonal tour..

Anmeldt av: Susan R , juli 2013

This was our first experience with Viator and it will not be our last. My husband and I were the only two people on the tour so it was wonderful. Our tour guide, Katie, was very knowledgeable and her English was superb. We have been to Tokyo many times but we had never been to this section of the city. Katie guided us to shrines, temples and through back city streets that were so interesting. It was a great afternoon.

Anmeldt av: paulgambrill , juni 2013

This was real value for money. We managed to squeeze in a trip up the tokyo metropolitan government building at the start of this which was a real treat. The walking tour was a good trip to take at the start of the holiday to ease you in to the culture. I would recommend it if you are there for a week or so to bulk up your Tokyo experience. The guide was very knowledgeable and was happy to help you with advice for your stay as well as telling you about the place itself!

Anmeldt av: Carolyn M , Australia, februar 2013

Showed us a side of Tokyo we would never have found by ourselves. We happened to be taking this tour on the day of the Bean Throwing Festival. Our guide took us to the temple, and waited patiently for us to watch. We thought this would be half of our 2 hour tour, but the guide completed all the tour

Anmeldt av: Rebecca Jane W , september 2016

This is an interesting tour and takes you into areas and laneways you are unlikely to find on your own. The only drawbacks are that you have to walk into the area and so for the first 20-30 minutes there is not a lot of interest and it is quite a lot if walking at a brisk pace. I estimate it was 5-6 kms, not the 2-3 we were expecting and it challenged my 77 year old father.

Anmeldt av: Louise R , mars 2015

Thoroughly enjoyable as we explored the back streets of Kagurazaka despite the cold and rain. Being introduced to a new snack was a bonus.

Anmeldt av: Wayne M , april 2014

Fabulous - very informative, guide gave good overall history, Geisha district quaint but disappointed there were no expectations of seeing a geisha.

Anmeldt av: Caroline L , desember 2013

It was quite interesting, and our tour guide had a good knowledge of the history of the area.

Anmeldt av: Mark S , februar 2013

This is a worthwhile tour to do. It does take all afternoon and there is a lot of walking but it was well worth the effort. We saw parts of Tokyo that we would never find on our own and learnt more about he Japanese than we knew. We even saw a Geisha!. Our guide was awesome!

Anmeldt av: M Faiz A , januar 2016

Intriguing tour but little to see as area has been built over. Guide did his best but looking at lots of closed doors wasn't much fun.

Anmeldt av: finch7 , november 2015

We have done a few tour with your company which all have been great but this one was very disappointing
the guide was boring and not very informative

Anmeldt av: Hermann K , april 2015

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Victoria E , september 2016

WOULD NOt RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL! Save your money and book a walking tour thru Voyogin. We booked 3 walking trips while in Tokyo and totally enjoyed the other two. This one was very disappointing as they take you thru one shop after another, with a few historical places thrown in. Very little actual History given and the guides knowledge of the area seemed lacking. We do feel the guide tried but that she was going by a cardboard script that was very dry, no life to it. Also our Japanese exchange student had to transulate most of the tour for us. We left the tour early as it was one shopping experience too many..... For the money paid we expected more History.

Anmeldt av: Judith A G , juni 2015

We arrived for our tour 24 hours late :