• Sted: Sydney, Australia
  • Varighet: Varies
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Anmeldt av: DeeAnn F , februar 2017

We we did the twilight climb so we could experience both day and night time views, with the sunset in between. It was more expensive but worth the extra since we figured we wouldn't do it again. Safety is their top priority with the pre-climb prep thoroughly performed. We had a wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly guide, Lisa, who even remembered our names! The climb was not too rigorous at all and paced at a comfortable rate. Stunning views, fun pictures and a memory created for forever. Would highly recommend.

Anmeldt av: Diane E , februar 2017

A very good tour. So pleased to have achieved it. The beginning is the most scary part as you can see through the mesh floor but the top is quite wide and solid. The views of Sydney are amazing!

Anmeldt av: rtotoj , januar 2017

I am a bit afraid of heights...but there was no way I was going to be in Sydney, Australia and not climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge! The guide was Phoebe and she was very knowledgeable and friendly. I did the full 3 1/2 hour tour and loved every minute of it! Little did I know that January 26th...the day I booked my bridge climb for as part of my 50th birthday celebration trip January 21st being my actual birthday...was Australia Day. The Sydney harbor was full of boats and there were aerial flyovers going on just above the bridge. It was amazing! The photo package...which included a short 8 second video of me talking from the top of the Sydney Harbor pricey but I just had to buy it.

Anmeldt av: David M , januar 2017

Amazing experience! Our tour guide Alex was the best. He was very knowledgable of the Sydney area and it's happenings. What made our Climb more enjoyable was that it started to rain. You would think bummer but that highlighted the whole experience. Anyway, money well spent guys enjoy.

Anmeldt av: Diane L , januar 2017

This was an amazing experience - equal to if not better than zip lining in Costa Rica. Have to admit I wasn't sure I could do it, but was surprised that the guides made it doable and safe. The prep was excellent, instructions very specific, the pace was moderate, with stops for catch ups, informational talks, breathtaking views. I needed to have medication with me, so one of the guides secured it in a can secured to her suit, and asked me frequently if I was ok. The guides were very knowlegable, careful and caring. This was the experience of a lifetime. Not easy for all of us, but doable and worthwhile. The view from the top of the bridge was absolutely the best view of Sydney and the surrounding area that could be had.

Anmeldt av: Liz C , januar 2017

This was one of my favorite experiences in Sydney, the views are stunning the climb was pretty easy as long as you are able to walk.

I would recommend this to anyone visiting Sydney.

Anmeldt av: margimead , januar 2017

Great way to see 360 views of Sydney! Fantastic staff!

Anmeldt av: Suzanne , januar 2017

Great finale to our trip! Did the sunset one no sunset, just cloud! so if price is a factor then check other cheaper times you can do as sunset isn't guaranteed! Excellent staff, all friendly and very helpful. Lockers free to secure bags etc as can't take anything out with you for fear it will be dropped onto heavy traffic below. Can take glasses, they will secure them for you to your outfit. They provide rainproof or fleece jackets for all weathers so just go as you are comfy with good shoes. If you go in the evening, check out the massive bats! They won't come near you, but are a sight to see! Although the experience is amazing, it's price is very high! Merchandise also very expensive. Thankfully there are water fountains en route even up bridge so over the 3hr experience, you can whet your whistle. Our guide was Connor. He was very humourous, informative and professional. You'll be in good hands if you get him, but they are all brilliant. Afraid of heights? So is my son, but he made it all the way up and over, and loved it! It was so empowering to him to have succeeded, he would urge anyone afraid of heights to do this. You are harnessed the whole way, you cannot fall off! What's more, you are walking up steps, not climbing rails, and you acclimatise slowly at your pace. No-one is rushed, people are there on hand to help if you need, and they are extremely reassuring. I'm throroghly pleased we did this but the cost is almost prohibitive to many a traveller. Photos are very expensive but you do get a small one free of the group as a whole. Facilities are excellent, equipment is clean, it's a well-oiled machine that runs efficiently and well. You definitely feel looked after. All in all, 10/10 as an experience, 5/10 for cost of climb, shop and photos.

Anmeldt av: Christine H , januar 2017

A truly magical experience which everyone should do when visiting Sydney. I opted for the twilight climb and when at the top saw the sun set over Sydney with breathtaking 360 degree views. Once the sun had set all the lights came on in the city which was absolutely stunning. The guides were fun but also every professional and a comprehensive safety briefing was explained before the climb. It was expensive but worth every penny, one to cross off on my bucket list !!

Anmeldt av: Margo G , januar 2017

We did the night climb. It was much cooler than during the day and the city lights at night are great! Don't be afraid, go for it.

Anmeldt av: Gary S , januar 2017

We did the night climb. It was amazing to see the lights of Sydney from the height of the bridge. Our guide was patient and helpful and we felt very safe. The tour took about 3 hours. So be prepared for that time frame.

Anmeldt av: Donald S , januar 2017

The Bridge Climb offered great views of Sydney and the harbor. Sara, our guide, was enthusiastic, friendly, and fun. She made a point of memorizing all of the first names of the 14 members of our group at the beginning of the tour and never missed a name afterwards. That made it more personal.In addition to the views, she offered a lot of interesting bridge and area history. My wife and I are both 65 and she was worried about the physical demands of the climb, but we found that it was done at a relaxed enough pace that it wasn't a strain. All climbers always have a safety harness on so there was never a time we felt unsafe. Neither of us are afraid of heights, though. We both concluded that the climb lived up to its rating as the 1 attraction in Sydney.

Anmeldt av: Sandra C , januar 2017

unless you have a severe fear of heights...... DO THIS! it is not a strenuous climb at all and the views of Sydney are gorgeous. You wear headphone to hear the entertaining and knowledgeable guide as you proceed on this 2 hour activity. I did the twilight climb which was spectactular!

Anmeldt av: Robert C , desember 2016

Climbed the bridge with my daughter and had a awesome experience. Richard, our guide was great. Fantastic way to see Sydney!

Anmeldt av: Mark T , desember 2016

A truly memorable experience. Very professionally conducted tour with knowledgeable guide. Fantastic views of Sydney and the surrounding bay areas. If you want a picture of your party only - it's extra but well worth it.

Anmeldt av: gillian_young4 , desember 2016

This was the highlight of my Sydney trip and lived up to all expectations. Everyone should do this, it's great and not difficult at all! Fabulous views and good tour guide.

Anmeldt av: Jeff J , desember 2016

A wonderful experience! The team lead makes all the difference. It was quite windy, but the weather was beautiful... You could see so much of the harbor area and surrounding vicinities.

Anmeldt av: Gary B , november 2016

Great experience, really good lead climber great knowledge the building of the bridge. Views were great worth every penny.

Anmeldt av: christine r , november 2016

excellent, a must do if you are in sydney

Anmeldt av: acady6 , oktober 2016

This tour was the highlight of our Australian vacation! It was well organized and worth the money saved a bunch booking through Viator!. We did the Morning Bridge Climb and had awesome views. I am afraid of heights and did the climb without any anxiety. You are securely harnessed on a line the whole time. The freakiest part for me was the 4 sets of ladders you go up/down. Other than that, the rest of the walk up is easy and not very steep. All of us had headsets on so we could hear the guide's explanations. The views are amazing!! If you are considering the climb, make sure you do the full 3.5 hour climb! You won't regret it.

Anmeldt av: Robert J , oktober 2016

This was an awesome experience. Even though I have a fear of heights, it wasn't that bad. The safety measures are really good, and I felt comfortable the entire time. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It truly is a great experience with spectacular views.

Anmeldt av: Brandon J , oktober 2016

This was so fun! Our tour guide was AMAZING! We loved her.
The hike up wasn't nearly as steep or hard as I thought it would be too! Great all around!

Anmeldt av: James S , oktober 2016

Unforgettable experience!

Anmeldt av: Lois K , oktober 2016

It was a great experience. All staff were extremely professional and the experience was safe. The way they handled everything made even the most nervious comfortable

Anmeldt av: sandi w , oktober 2016

It was very enjoyable and i was pleased i could do it with my friends. I think you need solar lights on the steps i fell down one and hit my shoulder on bar.