• Sted: Siena, Italy
  • Varighet: 14 timer 30 minutter (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: jillirose , januar 2017

We used this tour to take us to our next stay Monterosso and did not take the bus back to Siena. The Cinque Terre was a favorite destination by all in our traveling party. The little towns were quite busy during the day, so we appreciated being there at night to explore. Monterosso's beaches were heavenly, and the food options were plenty! There was music at night in the square and lots of quaint shops. Our guide was very good, and extremely helpful. Be advised that it is a quite popular tour and when joining in from Siena, you take a small van to meet the bus at a designated location. All of the seats were sold on our tour, so when we met up with the bus, we were the last to board I think the tour originates in Florence so we were split up.

Anmeldt av: Lorenzina F , september 2016

Exceptional tour and guide and drivers. It was tough initially climbing all those stairs, but then it just got better. We were all so impressed! The boat rides were refreshing!

Anmeldt av: rakeshtiku1 , juli 2016

We loved visiting Cinque Terra. It truly is a wonder to see and our tour guide, Francesca certainly added to our experience with her knowledge and friendly attitude.

Anmeldt av: Viktoriya B , juni 2015

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Claire M , mai 2015

So worth the money!

Anmeldt av: Cynthia M , mai 2014

The tour was amazing. It was fast paced as we visited four of the villages in one day. There was confusion about transportation from Sienna to Florence. No one was at the bus station to pick us up. But a driver was dispatched immediately after we called the Viator number. We had a wonderful day!

Anmeldt av: Tara L S , januar 2014

Cinque Terre was beautiful! And the tour wasn't as rushed as I had first expected. The towns we visited were pretty small villages, so it was easy to walk them in the allotted time. The guide was very nice and friendly, and the lunch he arranged for us was delicious. I enjoyed this trip very much.

Anmeldt av: Simon W , desember 2013

We were well looked after by our guide, Amadeus. Keep us fully informed as to timings, and was a constant reminder to be sure to guard our belongings, as pickpockets are a problem in the area. The lunch provided was just great...great pasta, wine, dessert, a nice shot of Limoncino (as opposed to Limoncello)...a great way to end our day @ Cinque Terre. Highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt av: Harry G , desember 2013

great day out but not for the faint hearted ! have to fight your way on and off the trains

Anmeldt av: Ellen S , desember 2013

Although it was a rainy day, my son and I enjoyed a wonderful day in Cingue Terre. We were picked up in Siena in a very nice car and driven to Florence where we met up with the group. The bus was a roomy air-conditioned bus with very comfortable seats. Our tour guide pointed out interesting facts along the way. Because of the rain there were no boats and more tourists walking than normal. Cinque Terre was very crowded that day and we had to work hard to keep up with the group and follow our guide. We took the train between the towns and got to see 4 out of the 5. Besides one steep climb down from the bus, it was very easy. Our group all had a lovely lunch together that was pre ordered and overall I would absolutely recommend this tour. Even despite rain all day, it was a wonderful day and worth the money. If you are taking the tour from Siena, I would suggest you find the pick up spot the day before. We had to be there at 6:15 a.m. and we knew it would still be dark so we tracked it down the day before. I am very glad we did this since we some trouble finding it. Also, it was nice that we could keep anything extra on the bus and not have to carry it around with us all day.

Anmeldt av: Raymond E M , mai 2013

This was a wonderful tour of an equally wonderful location in Italy. The three villages visited give you a fairly good sense of the treasures in Cinque Terre, which you can only explore more by staying right there. I wish I had known that the tour was available from Florence, as it is a shorter trip and I would have preferred to take it from there, but otherwise it was great.

Anmeldt av: galia.rizk , september 2015

Cinque Terre was amazing, but for the tour, we have few remarks:
- Please share along with booking a mobile number to be able to reach you early in the morning in case we are running late or lost
- please have available on the bus chargers to be able to charge our phones
- the lunch venue was a disaster: not facing the beach the food was below average the server/ manager was in a bad mood and throwing the dishes on the table
- we were always showing on time but waiting for at lest 15 minutes for trains although they were not always late
- the driver of the bus from Sienna to Florence and the way back was friendly, talkative and interesting
- it was a perfect day and each managed to make it wonderful

Anmeldt av: brambillaglb , juni 2015

I recommend this if you really only have 1 day to see Cinque Terre. I would recommend spending more than one day here though.

Anmeldt av: david p , juni 2015

I throughly enjoyed the trip. It was a little long because we had to go from Siena. Cinque Terra was definitely worth seeing.

Anmeldt av: Sin Lun Esther K , august 2013

We departed Florence for Siena and joined the trip there thinking that Siena should be the start point but to our surprise, we needed to travel back to Florence to join the big group. This was not stated in the itinerary and we have to spend 2 extra hours on traveling to and from Siena. This piece of information should be stated and if we knew that, we would have joined the trip in Florence. The trip is good though a bit rush but this can be excused cause 4 villages ( one requiring walking uphill was omitted) have to visit.

Anmeldt av: Sebastian A , juli 2013

Cinque Terre always beautiful. The tour guide was very helpful and the lunch they provided was more than expected. I just wish I had more time to spend there.

Anmeldt av: Veronica S , juni 2013

We enjoyed the excursion to the Cinque terre, the scenery was beautiful.
Everything run on time.
The lunch was nice with different type of pasta and plenty of vernaccia to drink.
The guide was knowledgeable and friendly.
The rest of the group were friendly and had a good time

Anmeldt av: William Kim S , september 2016

This tour should have gotten five stars because it was an amazing destination, but unfortunately our tour guide, Amadeus, was the worst guide we have ever encountered on any of our travels. He talked to us like we were all five year olds, then as the day went on he became more and more rude even going so far as swearing when he became frustrated!!! The local company that Viator used for this tour also neglected to tell us that they would be dropping us off in Florence where we would have to wait, on our own, for a smaller bus to pick us up to take us back to Siena. Amadeus just left us there, because, as he put it, he was off at 7:20 p.m. and we were no longer his responsibility!!!! This added another hour to an already very long day.The bus driver of the large bus not the smaller bus on this trip was also incredibly rude!! Viator if you want to maintain your reputation you should ensure that you don't ever use Amadeus or that bus driver on any of your tours again!!!

Anmeldt av: James R , desember 2015

It was a very long day on a bus from Siena first to Florence than to Cinque Terre. I think we left at 7 AM and didn't get back to Sienna until about 11 PM. It took about 4 hours each way to get to the coast. Once there, we had very little time at each of the 4 cities we went to - less than an hour in all except Monterosso. I admit there is not much to see in a couple as they are very small - particularly Manarola. It seemed that most of our time was spent checking our watches to make sure we got back to the meeting point in time to hop on a train to go to the next city. We did enjoy our lunch in Monterosso. The lunch was part of our trip an in a very nice restaurant with excellent food. The tour guides were good and kept us together in areas that were pretty crowded - especially around the train stations. The scenery and the ambiance of the area made the trip worth it and at the end of the day, we were tired but glad we got a chance to see the area.

Anmeldt av: Haley B , juni 2014

This tour was not what we expected at all but ended up being a nice day. The Viator site seems to be misleading with the description. The guide was not very good. Viator messed up our reservation and it ended up getting fixed but things seemed disorganized.

Anmeldt av: Sheila , desember 2013

Too hectic and too much to see. I would have been happy visiting just two cities.

Anmeldt av: Sandra M , juni 2013

First time, no one picked us up.
Second time we got there okay but because my end of the train was in a tunnel I didn't get off not realizing we were at a stop. Got hassled by a ticket taker and had to bribe him 5 euros not to ticket me for not having the ticket because the tour operator had it and he and the rest of the tour had gotten off. So I got to the next station, bought a ticked back to Ramagoirre, called the tour company- luckily I had a phone that worked. (many visitors don't) They called the tour guide. He didn't even know I was missing. I caught back up with the tour in Ramagoirre as they were leaving. All's well that end's well, but it could have been pretty disasterous or upsetting. I don't speak Italian, I was traveling alone. The tour guide should have made sure we didn't get separated on the train. A very large, loud, tour group separated us.
I had no way of calling the guide as I didn't have his number.
You need to come up with some sort of check system to be sure this doesn't happen to someone who is not an experienced traveler used to fending for themselves.
THe tour guide didn't know much about the area, but the food we had at lunch was dandy.