• Sted: Quebec City, Canada
  • Varighet: 2 timer 30 minutter (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: Andrew T , februar 2017

We were in Quebec for Carnevale and thought we would try this food tour for something different to do. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. Our tour guide, Margarita, was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable about Quebec as well as all of the food and drink we sampled. Each stop was unique and highly informative. At each venue, there was someone who would explain the food and drink we were going to sample as well as give background on the the establishment or product the were selling. The best part was we went to places we had never been we've been to Old Quebec four times and got to sample a number of new things. If you are able to take this tour and we highly recommend you do, definitely try to get Margarita as your guide as she is also a highlight of the tour.

Anmeldt av: Kate N , januar 2017

Loved this tour. The quality and variety of the food and drink was amazing and our guide Jocelyne was wonderful. Beautiful city full of very friendly people and lots of history.

Anmeldt av: Lina V , januar 2017

It was one great tour !

Anmeldt av: Hilary F , desember 2016

Simon was interested in the people on his tour, passionate about foods in QC, informed about the history and local legends which was a great introduction for us to the city. The array and diversity of the food stops was excellent - we appreciated the exposure to traditional Quebecoise cuisine and culture. Would highly recommend, especially at the beginning of a QC stay.

Anmeldt av: June D S , desember 2016

Our guide, Jocelyne Belleau, was a joy to be with. Her knowledge of cuisine, Quebecois and French history made the tour highly enjoyable. All stops were delicious and buying tips helpful. A good walk in such a beautiful city. We highly recommend the food tour and the great guide, Jocelyne. Enjoy!

Anmeldt av: Tap , United States of America, desember 2016

Great tour, would recommend it to everyone. Francoise was very knowledgeable and friendly, the tour was an easy walk and gave us some great insights as to where to go for dinners and lunches the rest of the trip.

Anmeldt av: Paul E , november 2016

This was a great tour! We did it on our first day in Quebec City, and that was a perfect way to be introduced to this wonderful city. We sampled several delicious Québécois specialties and learned a lot about the local food scene. We also learned a lot of the history of Quebec both City and Province from our very knowledgeable and personable guide Richard. He was great about answering questions and pointing out many interesting places on our tour. We really enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it!

Anmeldt av: Scott R , november 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Carolyn G , november 2016

This was an excellent! tour!! I highly suggest doing this the first day of your vacation!

Anmeldt av: Upali J , november 2016

Quebec city and its surrounding area in fall was such a delightful place to visit, we can highly recommend it. Also driving up to Baie St Paul area if you want to have relaxed and beautiful holiday.

Anmeldt av: Melanie H , november 2016

Richard was our tour guide and he was great - pointed out some history along the way and made sure we stuck to the schedule, which I appreciated very much. I highly recommend this tour!

Anmeldt av: Barbara J , november 2016

A fun way to taste a variety of Canadian specialties. Jocelyn was a fun and informative guide through the upper town.

Anmeldt av: pamauld , november 2016

This was a fantastic tour and our guide was absolutely delightful and so knowledgeable!
We wish we had done this tour on day one of our trip, as we learned so much, as far as great restaurants to visit, and info about the city.
A great way to meet other travellers from all over.
100 recommend this tour !

Anmeldt av: slew-foot , oktober 2016

A nice little walking tour to sample some wine and food that quebec city offers.

Anmeldt av: Otsego , oktober 2016

Francoise was out tour guide, and he had quite a sense of humor through our 7 stops. Each place was unique and had a specialty to offer, from maple to wine to chocolate and more. We walked inside the old city and outside it, too. It was very interesting and informative. Highly recommended!

Anmeldt av: Elizabeth L , oktober 2016

Judith was an excellent guide. We ate and drank ourselves around a unique part of Quebec City that we did not know existed. She also gave us much better sense of the city and its history. Highly recommended, especially if you are a food and beverage aficionado!

Anmeldt av: Susan W , oktober 2016

It was so much fun to visit different establishments and try local food. We never would have tasted poutine and discovered that we really liked it! The guide, Judith, was very knowledgable and kept a good pace. She also shared some information on Quebec as we were walking from place to place. Overall an excellent tour.

Anmeldt av: James B , oktober 2016

This tour was absolutely worth it, and doing it early on our trip was the right way to go. By the end of the tour, we had a list of places we wanted to visit for the next 3 days, and we couldn't hit them all. Food was great, the guide was knowledgeable and funny, and we met people on the tour that we're still in contact with after our trip.

Best of all, several of our friends hit QC after we did, and we were able to share our tips for the best places to eat in the city. We feel like we leveled up from basic tourists to knowlegeable travellers.

Amazing value for the money.

Anmeldt av: Elena H , oktober 2016

This tour is a quick orientation of what Quebec's cuisine is all about. The places visited for samplings are excellent models for what there is to try afterwards on your own. Robert, our guide, was as charming as he wants informed.

Anmeldt av: Charmaine W , oktober 2016

Jocelyn, our delightful guide, brought the story of Quebec City and its people to us in a most interesting, fun filled afternoon walking tour. We were a group of four in a larger group of 15 and the tasty food and drink at several spots on the tour made for a pleasant introduction to the city and its culture. I give Jocelyn and the tour 5 stars!

Anmeldt av: lizday2 , oktober 2016

This was a really fun experience with others who like to try new things. It was a good amount of walking but stops along the way. Memorable!

Anmeldt av: Penny O , oktober 2016

Very good. The guide was informative not just on the food we tasted but also on historical aspects. I definitely would recommend this tour.

Anmeldt av: Andrea G , oktober 2016

Really enjoyed the tour! Excellent samples! Well paced!

Anmeldt av: Peggy I , oktober 2016

What an absolutely fantastic food tour! Our guide, Judith, was most informative as well as entertaining. The walk was long, but with a number of stops to visit establishments for tastings and drinks, the tour went fast.
It was wonderful to hear about how important the farm to table program is in Quebec. The tastings were wonderful and the proprietors were so gracious in making us feel welcome into their establishments and to share the pride they have in their tastings.
We have given the business cards to our cruise director so that they can recommend the tour to future travelers.
We will definitely take this tour again if we are lucky enough to visit Quebec again.

Anmeldt av: Williams M , oktober 2016

This tour was great due to the guide, Michael O'Neal. He was very knowledgeable not only about the food of Quebec but also the history as he took us on a couple of side trips to visit sites we would not have otherwise seen. The food side of the tour was interesting but most of the food was mediocre. However, it was a geat way to find out the best of Quebec foods and where to shop for them or to return for a meal. I highly recommend this tour.