• Sted: Haleiwa, Oahu
  • Varighet: 2 timer (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: Robyn , februar 2017

WOW! From beginning to end this trip was amazing. Picked up promptly and a short 30-40 minute drive to the north shore where you board the boat. Leave the harbour with around 15-20 people on board and sail for about 30minutes or less out to sea, where they stop the boat and attach the cords or whatever to the cages. They then spend a little time going through health and safety etc. AND THEN ITS YOUR TURN! More adrenaline than I thought I had rushed through me, and we must have seen atleast 15 sharks they did say it was unusual to see this many so we must have been lucky and you do spend a good amount of time in the cage. From there we returned to the boat and headed back to shore, where we ended up waiting nearly an hour for the mini bus. Well worth doing if you don't plan on returning to Hawaii for a while!

Anmeldt av: Anya B , november 2016

TAKE DRAMAMINE!! My husband and I both took it and we still got sick. The crew said it happens on every tour and that they've even had a naval captain get woozy on their boat! That said, the crew was great! The views of the sharks were incredible!!! We were surrounded by 5 or 6 big sharks and a few schools of fish! Even with getting ill my husband and I agreed that it was well worth it!

Anmeldt av: Vicky F , oktober 2016

Great crew, nice large boat. The tour felt safe and lived up to the promise to see sharks. Wonderful experience.

Anmeldt av: Aisling Ash G , oktober 2016

A fun little trip out to see the sharks. Great staff.

Anmeldt av: Margandrich , oktober 2016

It was amazing to be out in the ocean in the safety of a cage watching the Sharks swim by! Very friendly and organised team that organised same! Recommend it!

Anmeldt av: LeeAnn B , oktober 2016

This was absolutely amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! The boat crew was fantastic. We will never forget our day in the ocean with the sharks!

Anmeldt av: Francisco G , august 2016

Great experience, knowledgable staff! Highly recommend to do

Anmeldt av: Marianne S , Norway, august 2016

This was so cool...!!! :

Anmeldt av: Jon H , august 2016

This excursion was amazing! The guides were very attentive and knowledgeable. I was looking forward to doing this shark dive and this entire experience exceeded my expectations. We were a party of 7 and everyone ranging in ages 11-55 had a wonderful time. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!

Anmeldt av: Anita S , Danmark, juli 2016

It was a great trip an very nice people who sail the boat, hope we Will be back again in 2019.

Anmeldt av: fi_79 , juli 2016

The tour was great. Sea was a bit rough and we all felt sick. Sharks galour during the dive. My 5 year old hated it but we all loved it

Anmeldt av: Kelly B , juli 2016


Anmeldt av: Deno , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Anariza G , juli 2016

The instructors were very helpful and made the experience worth every penny!! The choppy waves were not their fault . Lol .. We loved every minute of this experience ! Thank you!

Anmeldt av: Missy S , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Cristina V , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Lizabeth Rae H , juni 2016

The tour was great! The capt and crew were awesome! So friendly and helpful. There were LOTS of sharks to see - no disappointment there! Unfortunately, I did get really sea sick - which never happens. The swells are large and never ending. I can handle some gentle waves and rocking motion - but this was way beyond that - so prepare yourself! The crew was very sweet and helpful to those of us who were sick I wasn't the only one. I highly recommend this tour! Thank you North Shore Shark Adventures!

Anmeldt av: Sean M , desember 2015

The coolest thing I've ever done. Had a blast!! At no time was I scared or nervous. The staff on board was great and knowledgeable.

Anmeldt av: Rodney C , desember 2015

This was my highlight. It was such a rush! I recommend that to anyone who goes

Anmeldt av: Stefanie C , oktober 2015

The staff was beyond amazing friendly, knowledgeable and funny! There were SO many sharks, it was incredible. If I ever go back I will definitely do this again, with this same company!

Anmeldt av: Wendy Anne F , september 2015

An awesome experience. The sharks are so graceful and serene. We just wish our 20 minutes in the cage didn't go so fast!! Would love to do this again one day. One area requiring significant improvement is the rest room facilities at the harbour.

Anmeldt av: Shannon S , juli 2015

We had a great time on this dive. We even saw a group of dolphins on the way to the sharks. It wasn't scary at all - I never felt unsafe for a moment. The sharks were plentiful and were awesome to watch. We highly recommend this!

Anmeldt av: David S , juli 2015

We spent 9 days in Oahu, made a day trip to the big island and did something different every day - this tour was the highlight! The experience was amazing and the crew was excellent. We saw too many sharks to count, some 12-14 ft and the visibility underwater was amazing, I am told it was 150ft. I wanted to do something adventurous while in Hawaii and this had good reviews and I decided to give it a shot. My wife told me to have fun since neither she of the kids would be jumping in a tank with sharks outside. Guess what - both she and my two 9 year old's ended up in the tank and had a blast. You don't need to be great in the water either, you get a snorkel kit, fins aren't needed, and climb down off the boat in to the cage - it is moored out at sea and you meet it with the boat, maybe a 20 minute ride form the dock. One more note about the crew - awesome. I had a nice talk with the captain and he gave me some great tips about the area. Finally, there is a nice little historic town next to the harbor from which the boat leaves, Haleiwa, be sure to give yourselves some time to check it out as well! The shave ice stand there is supposed to be awesome, there were about 50 people lined up when we were there.

Anmeldt av: Carolyn H , mai 2015

It really is an amazing trip. To be in the water and within feet of sharks is an incredible experience. We also heard whales while underwater. What a thrill, but always felt safe. It's an incredible experience.

Anmeldt av: heidikester , april 2015

This excursion was the most exciting thing we did on our seven day vacation to Hawaii. It was a beautiful day on the ocean with calm waters. The crew was very friendly and enthusiastic about the trip. We were thrilled seeing as many sharks as we did. It is fascinating to be in the water with these creatures and feel completely safe. I ended up getting the video for an extra fee. A crew member has a GoPro that they put in the water to show you in the tank and get a view of the ocean and ocean life that is swimming around you. My family, friends and my sons loved seeing the video. I would definitely recommend this excursion!!