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Anmeldt av: Alison S , juni 2015

Fantastic evening with Mustafa - went places would not have seen without a guide. Great fun and terrific value for money. One of the best tours I have done

Anmeldt av: irbybrain , mai 2015

The guide Mustafa was friendly and knowledgeable. He took us off the tourists route in to the old Medina where we ate among the local people. Everything we tasted was delicious!

Anmeldt av: Sarah E , mars 2015

We had a wonderful guide to make this the best thing to do in Marrakech. Wonderful experience not to be missed. Too much food !

Anmeldt av: Cameron S , desember 2014

We are so pleased we took this tour. The guide was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and took us to areas that were fascinating, that we would never have found on our own. We had samples of all kinds of food, that were really nice. This tour was very much an educational experience, learning how much the different kinds of food are rooted in the Islamic culture and calendar, and we very much enjoyed it. We would absolutely recommend it to others.

Anmeldt av: kenneth.piana , mai 2014

Great experience. Small group. Lottsa local food and drink along the way. Great guide. All ended in a dinner experience in the square that you'll never forget.

Anmeldt av: Rebecca B , desember 2013

Really interesting and excellent value. Our guide was very knowledgeable, showed us around the food markets, explaining various traditional foods and arranging for us to taste them. We would not have been able to do this alone.We ate right in the heart of the square and the atmosphere was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Bina P , februar 2016

Our tour guide Salim was very informative and answered all of our questions. The tour was very fast paced and only lasted 2 and 1/2 hours it was hard to keep up at times due to heavy crowds in the evening. We had a good group which got on well, would definitely recommend if you want a feel for the real Morocco.

Anmeldt av: Fred A , mai 2014

Overpriced for what we got. I thought we would taste exotic Marrakech items as advertised instead of approximately tiny tastes of about 10 different sweets, a bowl of non-descript soup and a hunk of beef!

Anmeldt av: Jean H , april 2016

Our guide came late and left early without saying goodbye, our announced 3.5-hour tour lasted 2.45-hour. Our guide was very softsponken and difficult to understand, but he was a very fast walker challenging to keep up with, Our guide didnt follow the tour description i.e. we didnt taste the challenging delicacies such as sheeps head, cows hoof or snail soup, known as ghoulal.Lastly, and we didnt visit a restaurant on Djemma El Fna just as the evening reaches its height, and we didnt enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal with your group as you take in the square with its peddlers, snake charmers and entertainers.
This so called Food Tour was a waste of time and money.

Anmeldt av: Joybelle , Australia, april 2016

Right from the meeting point this tour kept falling apart. No organisation, no food tasting until at least an hour in. We were walked and walked often arriving at spots to have the tour guide in conflict with the food stall, no communication. Eventually we did start food tastings but it was tooooo late, we were over it. Could easily do this yourself.

Anmeldt av: Matt K , april 2015

It may have only been our guide, but this tour is absolutely not worth the money. He provided no insight into the foods we were eating, kept walking too fast through the souks and losing the entire group, and there was not enough food to justify the expense. At one point, he left us with some argan oil salesmen who gave us a sales pitch for 30 minutes while the guide left us. There is no traditional dinner, unless you count some lamb from a chain off the square. Avoid this tour it made me question my future business with Viator.

Anmeldt av: Rhodé S , desember 2014

The tour guide did not show up and the tour did not take place. The Guide told me over the telephone he did not know about my booking but that I would be compensated. I lodged a complaint through Viator's prescribed channels, but I got no response. I was looking forward to this tour very much. I paid a lot of money. For absolutely nothing. I am, understandably, not impressed at all. I feel robbed and let down.