• Sted: Dublin, Ireland
  • Varighet: 2 timer (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: Karen C , desember 2016

This was a super fun evening.

Anmeldt av: Magdalene E , september 2016

This was such a wonderful evening! Our tour/storytelling guide was absolutely enchanting! Definitely recommended!

Anmeldt av: Tim J , august 2016

Excellent storytelling and engaging guide. One of our favorite activities in Dublin.

Anmeldt av: Sophie B , juni 2016

We had such a fantastic time on this trip! We booked it as a spur of the moment tour to fill a free evening, and we and #39;re so glad we did! Our tour guide was fantastic and he created an atmosphere on the bus where we all felt like friends by the end of the evening. Would definitely recommend.

Anmeldt av: Ray , New Zealand, juni 2016

This is an excellent tour and a really good way to learn about some of the myths and legends of Ireland. Love the bus decor, the story tellers chair and the pint of Guiness!

Anmeldt av: Melody Z , juni 2016

Great outing, a nice perspective of Irish folklore. Our storyteller was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Laura B , juni 2015

This tour is seriously a must do while you are in Dublin, it truly brings back the heart of many Irish traditions. The bus even looks like a cozy Irish home. While the guides were extremely accommodating and understanding of my 3 year old, I wouldn't recommend it for kids.

Anmeldt av: Renea M , juni 2015

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: ncs1016 , juni 2016

The stories were great. The beer was kind of warm though.

Anmeldt av: tlburns61 , United States of America, juni 2015

This was a lot of fun. Yes I would recommend.

Anmeldt av: Abigail K , juli 2016

My 14 year-old really enjoyed this but I was bored. Basically you ride a bus with the curtains down and your host tells Dublin tales of lore while on the bus and on two stops one forest, one near the water. You get beer or soda at the end of the trip, which is great if you are a beer drinker.

Anmeldt av: Constance P , mai 2016

Our tour guide was excellent. We did not like being dropped off some place so far from where our tour began it was like we were just dumped off to fend for ourselves. It was nighttime and nothing was open. We ended up having to try and find a cab. Tour was good, it just ended poorly..

Anmeldt av: Constance P , mai 2016

The tour guide was an excellent actress. It was fun until the end when we got dropped off no place near where we began. It was dark and we had no idea where we were. That was NOT fun. We ended up having to find a cab.

Anmeldt av: Helen N , desember 2015

I would not do this again
Can't understand why you had to get off the bus in the DARK to walk up a soggy path to hear a story
Dangerous,slippery and no point

Anmeldt av: Gail S , juli 2016

I love stories and have heard many excellent storytellers. I was looking forward to hearing Irish stories. We boarded a bus with dark drawn curtains walking past a bar where someone was sweeping the floor. We were given no explanation of what to expect, just followed instructions to take a seat on the second floor. After driving for about 10 minutes wondering what was going on, the storyteller came up. He acted like a wanna be stand up comedian but he was neither engaging nor funny. After awhile he went to the front of the bus and told a short story without animation. He went downstairs. After another few minutes, we stopped on a busy road, onto a sidewalk. We walked into the entrance of what appeared to be a soccer park and gathered in the weeds under trees on the side of the path. At this point he told us that there were supposed to be 2 storytellers but one didn't make it. Therefore, he played both parts of the next story which was not well told. We were interrupted by someone walking a barking dog past us. We had no idea where we were nor why we were standing listening to a story in this bizarre uncomfortable location. We boarded the bus again and drove again next stopping at a public beach. We walked down a path and gathered in the sand. It was softly raining intermittently. He told a decent story about a man who lived in the sea. We were interrupted by a child with a noisy toy car. We again boarded the bus and were finally given a beer which we drank on the drive back. We were unceremoniously dropped off in the dark in a completely different location from where we boarded the bus. We were told that there was a 'church restaurant' down the road we could walk to if we wanted food. Many were confused as to where we were. We were not offered any assistance so followed other tourists looking for taxi.

Anmeldt av: Sharon DeSilva , Bermuda, juni 2016

We arrived to pick up our tickets for this tour and were very disappointed that the bus had broken down and we were not able to do it. A big disappointment. They need a back up bus!