• Sted: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Varighet: 2 dager (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: Andrea L , oktober 2016

Great fun and experience. Good value for money

Anmeldt av: Tarun M , august 2016

Excellent services.. staff very cooperative, on time every time.

Anmeldt av: valerie l , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Raz K , juni 2016


Anmeldt av: smazemothe15 , juni 2016

It was excellent and well organised.Our gratitude for the driver ,he show a lot of leadership and experrtise. Sanitary facilities could be improved at the stop where the drivers adjust their tyres

Anmeldt av: Apple C , mai 2016

Desert Safari is a life time experiences, the Dubai city view from Dhow Cruise ship definitely worth to see. I strongly recommend these two activities when visit Dubai.

Anmeldt av: satish n , mars 2016

This was better than I expected. Great goof and wonderful guide. Safari was great experience. Keep recommending Rayna tour. Five stars

Anmeldt av: Traderjeff , februar 2016

Well done. Great package. Excellent value. Only issue was a slight delay in the hotel pickup for the first tour Dhow Cruise. Food was good. Guides were friendly and easy to understand. Highly recommended!

Anmeldt av: Xamy B , desember 2015

perfecto no me puedo quejar

Anmeldt av: Craig S , august 2015

Fantastic package, hosted by a well organized, professional company. worth every peny

Anmeldt av: Rajiv , oktober 2016

Desert Safari was excellent and deserves 5 stars.
Dubai City Tour was good and gets 4 stars.
Dhow Cruise along the Marina was pathetic specially the rudeness and bad behavior of staff on the cruise, it gets no stars. Viator is further advised to take up the issue with Dhow Cruise service provider and it is recommended that Viator should look for another service provider. In case Viator or the Dhow Service provider want further inputs then I can be contacted on 91-9717466448.

Anmeldt av: Sabrina T , april 2016

The Desert Safari was wonderful but the driver was late for pick-up. The Dubai City Tour was great however the driver was late at pick-up and we had an issue when we were dropped off. The Dhow Cruise was good however the driver was VERY late at pick-up and there was some confusion at drop off when we were at the marina.

Anmeldt av: krunal , november 2016

We had bad experience in Dhow Cruise from Rayna Tourism.

Anmeldt av: Olaf K , november 2016

Die Wartezeiten bei der Abholung im Hotel nerven, die Wüstensafari mit dune bashing war genial, das anschließende Grillbuffet in der Wüste mit weiteren 500 Touristen war alles andere als gemütlich. Die Stadtrundfahrt war eher eine Kaffeefahrt und wenn wir uns eine offzielle Stadtrundfahrt gebucht hätten sicherlich auch besser zu verstehen gewesen. Die Dhau-Kreuzfahrt durch die nächtliche Marina war toll - kleiner Tipp: oben ganz vorne sitzt mit super und hat Ruhe.

Anmeldt av: sarojkaushal , India, august 2016

City Tour was badly conducted. One hour was spent in picking up and dropping guest from various hotels. The Tourist guide stopped the vehicle for an average of ten minutes or less in certain attractions. Other places he just passed by mentioning about the place.Then suddenly he stopped the tourist coach and asked us to disembark and move towards another vehicle in such heat.The Driver of this van drove us and stopped the vehicle on the road across the Hotel.When we asked to be dropped towards the hotel side, he refused and left us to cross the busy road midway. This was rude behaviour at its best by both the Guide and the Driver.
There is nothing much to write about Dhow Cruise except the time taken to pick up guests from different hotels which becomes irritating.
Desert Safari was good. Driver was skilled and courteous.
I wanted to book Abu Dhabi trip. I raised questions about the trip. There was inadequate reply. After I completed the trip by another tour company, I was advised that the trip about which I was making enquiries was not on their list any longer. More than three days to respond and regret is not understandable .The non Viator partner's trip was in fact very good and I have no regrets .

Anmeldt av: jose antonio c , juni 2016

it was very interesting tour, I just felt there wasnt a real oportunity to interact with people from UAE, as everyone was from other country except from there, and the food was more indian than local.

Anmeldt av: jose antonio c , juni 2016


Anmeldt av: Natalie L , mai 2016

While your desert camp was great, the Dhow Cruise was nothing fantastic.

SIde note. Your drivers are HORRIBLE. For return of the Dhow Cruise today 16th, this driver drove us instead to the Conrad office tower entrance and insisted that it was Conrad when I told him it was wrong. When he was finally convinced that we could not enter via this building by a security guard, he drove us at high speed to the correct entrance clearly showing his displeasure, and spat at us to Just get off! That is horrible attitude that I do not appreciate. Please kindly train your drivers again.

Anmeldt av: Kenny W , mai 2016

City tour was ok, would have been better if they could stop us nearer to the hotels - Atlantis and Burj Al-Arab rather than tour inside the bus. The Dhow Cruise was a disappointment as I requested for 2 seating to celebrate our anniversary but was given a table for 6 just for 2 of us and seated next to a HUGE air conditioner compressor which block the view. Desert Safari via 4x4 was superb experience but camp site - dinner and dance was average.

Anmeldt av: Kusha D , oktober 2015

The driver was late for the first two activities and we were rushing to join each activity. The safari was fine but they should group tour members better so everyone is more comfortable since you are u a car with people you never met before.

Anmeldt av: W Y Stella , Hong Kong, mars 2016

We were very disappointed with the Dhow Cruise session, we though we were dining at 'Indian restaurant' instead for that evening. First the cruise was small as compare with the others nearby the pier, only 3 of us assigned the table at the lower deck and surround by all Indian guests, they were not queued up for buffet, kids running around, plus lots of them went up to the upper deck which might cause dangerous of the balance. When we try to enjoy the dance show, some of them request to broadcast their own music, then became their 'private party', the dancer was not happy and he went away... they have destroy our whole trip and we really upset for this arrangement. Your local agency RAYNA seems operated lots of tours, but there are lots of room to be improved.
There was another western couple also not happy with this 'Cruise' evening, you should ask RAYNA to improve as it will also affect your company's reputation .