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Anmeldt av: Patricia L , oktober 2016

This was a great tour where we travelled round the main sights of beautiful Chicago. We began at the Willis Tower where I stood on the glass platform at a huge height, mainly because it was early morning and very misty! It was a great experience! From there, we went on the trolley bus tour round Chicago visiting all the major places of interest. The lady who drove the bus was also our guide, and she provided us with interesting information in a very knowledgeable and often humorous way. She was great! A highlight was our visit to the Millenium Park to see a sculpture called the Bean where we took pictures at every angle with a backdrop of the fabulous Chicago skyline. Following this, we went on a gorgeous boat trip on the Chicago River. Whilst enjoying a glass of wine, we admired the spectacular architecture and skyline of Chicago. We can definitely recommend this trip with all its variety, visiting the wonderful sights of this amazing city.

Anmeldt av: Nancy C , oktober 2016

Everything went well, the booking went well, the tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. I just wish you would have had rain dates. When we got up in the Skydeck we really could not see anything. We were disappointed about that. It was our first time up there, plus there was no one to take our picture. Rain dates very important. Trolley and river cruise were wonderful.

Anmeldt av: nicejuguilon , september 2016

being first on the line beating all queues going to the skydeck is an all star convenience considering i am touring with my mom on a wheelchair... overall, it's satisfaction without a doubt, skydeck is fun, trolley experience is great not to mention the very knowledgable tour guide/driver, and the architectural cruise tour is very interesting... i would recommend this package to every tourist

Anmeldt av: Susan E , september 2016

Great way to get the Chicago experience and learn about the history of Chicago. I especially enjoyed the architecture cruise. Very relaxing, educational, and the sights were beautiful.

Anmeldt av: Sasha E , september 2016

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us on the Skydeck tour but we were offered a chance to move our ticket to another day. Went still went up and had the whole deck to ourselves and saw some sights when the clouds broke. The highlight of this package was the river cruise with Jim. You could feel his passion for the City and architecture in general and he had some great puns.

Anmeldt av: Drussell25 , september 2016

Very nice variety, the view was beautiful from the Willis Tower Skydeck. Early admission beats the hours long wait. The trolley city tour covered most of the area and well worth the time. Chicago River cruise was very enjoyable and the guide was especially knowledgable. His true love of the city really apparent.

Anmeldt av: , august 2016

EPIC tour. Early access to Skydeck is a MUST if you're visiting CHI. The trolley tour was a little bit of a let down, but only because if started raining hard. It was still very informative and we made multiple stops for pictures. The river architecture tour is an absolute must. GREAT tour guide, booze on the boat, and amazing architecture. I could definitely do the river architecture tour again.

Anmeldt av: Linda M , august 2016

Great Chicago experience. Trolley driver Ulysess and the cruise guy sorry I forgot his name who did the architect tour was very knowledgeable and made our boat ride informative and enjoyable.

Anmeldt av: paula b , august 2016

Loved this tour! Was very enjoyable and informative. Highlight of our stay in Chicago.

Anmeldt av: Roger S , juli 2016

A great three part tour - the Willis Tower with the sky deck private access , the trolley tour of the highlights of the city a nice overview, and the Chicago river cruise in and out of the city between the various buildings like a modern day Venice is a must!!! An over all great tour and highly recommended!!!

Anmeldt av: Alexa B , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Scott C , juli 2016

Very fun and informative tour around Chixago. Getting on the Willis sky deck before the general public is worth it alone. The river tour guide was excellent.

Anmeldt av: Lizbeth M , juli 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: Pdamitchell , juni 2016

Great tour if you only have a day or two in the city. Awesome way to see Sears tour! Only 10 of us up there at the start of the day! Like a private tour. Trolley ride nice with history of Chicago. You will want time later to walk Michigan avenue. Boat ride is a nice way to end the tour.

Anmeldt av: Andrew B , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt av: kaletlnguyen , juni 2016

Great tour, highly recommended!

Anmeldt av: John G , juni 2016

Using Viator was a great experience! It was simple, easy and the tour guides were very good.

Anmeldt av: gtroutman219 , august 2015

A lot of fun to be had as well as being very informative

Anmeldt av: Gloria D , august 2015

It was a great experience. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Chicago.

Anmeldt av: Elsa L M , juni 2015

Excelente actividad!

Anmeldt av: Jonathan T , juni 2015

Great Tour and well organised. A little more explanation as to where to show voucher and get ticket for the River Cruise would be advantageous AND THE TIME OF OUR TOUR WAS OUT BY ONE HOUR. wE MANAGED TO GET ON AEARLIER BOAT, ONLY JUST. BUT OTHERWOSEW OULD HAVE HAD ATWO HOUR WAIT WITH THE nAVY pIER BASICALLY CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION. ttHIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN POINTED OUT IN ADVANCE.

Anmeldt av: Thomas L , oktober 2014

This trip was amazing. Especially our boat tour guide. He had a remarkable amount of detail all memorized. I wish we coudl get a print out of his talk so we could remember the informaiton.

Anmeldt av: Lisa C , juli 2016

The tours were great and the tour guides were fantastic. The only issue was the trolley showed up late and Viator had over booked it, several people had to stand the entire two hour tour. Our City tour guide said that he was there at the time that Viator scheduled them and there was nothing he could do about being over booked.

Anmeldt av: Stacy H , juli 2016

Really liked the early morning on the ledge. Bus tour informative. Would have preferred open top trolley to be able to see up when they revere to tall buildings. The boat trip was full of interesting history.

Anmeldt av: keshava c s , juli 2016

Delivered what they promised. It will be good if they provide you a drop back to wills tower