• Sted: Cairo, Egypt
  • Varighet: 3 timer (ca.)
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Anmeldt av: malek e , august 2015


Anmeldt av: Catisha H , juni 2015

Amazing! Our tour guide was informative, energetic and catering!

Anmeldt av: MAGGIE , april 2014

Nuestro viaje a El Cairo fue maravilloso, gracias a nuestro extraordinario guía y el gran servicio y ayuda que hemos recibido.

Nuestro guía, el egiptólogo Ahmed Ali, fue excelente. Su dominio de el español y sus conocimientos en la historia y costumbres de el País fueron impresionantes! Él y nuestro conductor, nos recogían temprano en nuestro hotel,

Ahmed Ali nos ofreció sus comentario en excelente español, y era extremadamente agradable y respetuoso también, ¡incluso bromeamos muchísimo!

Él nos guió a diferentes lugares de El Cairo, las Pirámides, la Esfinge, el Museo, la Villa Faraónica, etc!

Ahmed no nos presionó para comprar, o a ir a cualquier tienda. Comimos en un restaurant que frecuenta y tenían muy buena comida.
Él nos puso al tanto de las reglas al comprar e interactuar lo que hizo el navegar por las calles mucho más fácil. A lo largo del día él tomaba fotos de nosotros, y también trabajó duro para darnos todo el tiempo que queríamos en cada lugar, nunca se apresuró. En general estamos muy contentos de haber elegido ir a través de para nuestro viaje a El Cairo, Egipto, y no podríamos haber tenido un mejor guía. Si es posible, solicite a Ahmed Ali para sus tours en español. ¡EL ES EL MEJOR!
Dres. Mickey y Maggie Medina
Puerto Rico, USA

Anmeldt av: John B , august 2012

This trip was awesome. I wish for the life of me that I could remember my tour guides name, as he was incredible and even told me I shouldn't tip him (I did anyway) as they have guides at the village that explain things. My boss told me to make sure I stopped here and I am so glad that I did, as you get a glimpse of how things were made during the pharaonic times.

Anmeldt av: Maureen H , United Kingdom, november 2008

Only regret is not enough time to linger and absorb so much fascinating information

Anmeldt av: Michael W , april 2012

Very enjoyable and a well worthwhile place for students of all ages

Anmeldt av: Stanley S , november 2010


Anmeldt av: Cromaris , Brazil, februar 2010

The guide was extremely helpful and polite to us, answering all our questions concerning our tour as well as adding information about all the places we saw. He was an excellent guide and I would for sure recommend him and your company to my friends. Not only would I recommend him, but also would contact him and your company in case I return to Cairo in the near future.

Anmeldt av: Deborah D , United Kingdom, november 2008

Great for families and our Pharaonic guide was wonderful.

Anmeldt av: Jean-Luc L , august 2016

Pas mal, mais malgré tout un peu fade par rapport à toutes les merveilles du Caire.

Anmeldt av: Lesley M , februar 2011

Okay tour, better for children than adults. Guide good and driver also.

Anmeldt av: John T , United Kingdom, mars 2010

Interesting but probably better for families with children.

Anmeldt av: jill k , november 2010

does not look how it advertisers on the pharaonic village website, defo a day trip if you have children but not just adults. very tatty, a lick of paint wouldnt go a miss and the staff are miserable, x

Anmeldt av: Patricia W , USA, august 2010

It was ok, and not expensive. They have a nice gift shop.

Anmeldt av: Judith A W , USA, februar 2010

This tour was interesting when we were circling the island to see how things were done in the times of the pharoahs. Ater the boat ride, the emphasis seemd to be geared to getting more money from the tourists by the village guide- not the guide that picked us up.

Anmeldt av: Kay P T , april 2012

The guide was wonderful. The village was not well maintained and I would not recommend this activity to anyone. It was much less than what we expected.

Anmeldt av: Anonymt , august 2010

A bit basic - good for kids.

Anmeldt av: Anonymt , desember 2009

The Pharonic Village is fairly run down and the type of activities and information given there make it mostly suitable for children.