• Sted: Budapest, Hungary
  • Varighet: Ticket valid for 48 hours
Fra USD 24,14

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Anmeldt av: Angela B , oktober 2016

Great way to get an overview of the city so that you can figure out what you want to do.

Anmeldt av: Karen M , United Kingdom, september 2016

Excellent - a 48 hr ticket covering two daytime bus lines, a night bus, AND a river boat tour. There is so much to see in Budapest, the best way to see it all is with this 'Hop on Hop off' bus. In terms of value for money would recommend this as one of the best!

Anmeldt av: lalaswad2k , september 2016

Wonderful tour in wonderful city.

Anmeldt av: Kathryn K , september 2016

This was the best way to view the city! It was our first time in Budapest and this gave us a terrific overview of the important things that are a must see in this evolving metropolis. Convenient pick-ip spots and lots of information on this historic part of the world.

Anmeldt av: John W , september 2016

All the bus's were on time as per timetable. Staff very courteous and professional. We had a very good experience with Hoppa,and would recommend it.

Anmeldt av: Morag O , august 2016

Fantastic way to see all the sights around Budapest with the minimum of wear and tear on the feet. Between the 2 routes, you can see pretty much everything, and the boat trip was the icing on the cake. Brilliant value as well

Anmeldt av: phxremax , august 2016

This is the best value in town!!

Anmeldt av: Jeffrey K , august 2016

We used the Hop On Hop Off bus while we were in Budapest in June. It was a great way to see the city. There were many stops where we could get on or off the bus. We purchased our tickets online before we arrived in Budapest which was also very convenient.

Anmeldt av: Lyz Z , august 2016

I hadn't realized there were so many different bus lines. Once we got it, it was great

Anmeldt av: Maria V , august 2016

Toppen tur.
Kan varmt rekomendera denna tur. Gillade verkligen att biljetten gällde för 48 timmar då du första dagen åkte alla turer för att dag 2 veta var du skulle hoppa av och se mer. Tyckte även det var väldigt trevligt att biljetten även gällde för en tur på Donau och kvälls turen för att se staden upplyst,mycket vackert.
Bra även med informationen under turen lagom lämpligt med historia/information om staden och byggnaderna. Trevligt att informationen fanns på Svenska, det är jag inte van!!
Det enda negativa var att alla hållplatsers information sa att nya bussar skulle anlända inom 15-30 minuter. Vår erfarenhet var att det tog minst 30 minuter oftast närmare 45 minuter, med konkurrerande bussföretag hann det passera 2 bussar ibland!! Bättre att ta bort informationen och skriva 30 minuter, lättare att förhålla sig till det faktiska tiden utan att känna irritation om det inte görs reklam för tätare turer.
Kan ändå varmt rekomendera dessa turer, värd sin kostnad med råge. / Maria Vesterlund

Anmeldt av: Wilda R T , august 2016

We did both boat tours. The shorter one in the evening, after dark - breath taking! The longer one in the day and took advantage of the stop on Margaret Island. Both well worth it - beautiful and informative. We like the longer routes of the hop on hop off bus - the ones that go out of the city core - you get to see stuff you can't see on foot. Right in the centre of the city - the bus is stuck in traffic all the time - better to see that stuff on the walking tours. The staff of this company was all very friendly and helpful.

Anmeldt av: Siddharth R , juli 2016

A must have if you are in this city for less than 3 days or so ... covers all major attractions along with the boat rise on Danube ...

Anmeldt av: sheritoig , juli 2016

Great way to get to know the city !

Anmeldt av: Katherine W , juli 2016

Loved the bus tour and boat tour. Great that you can hop on and off when you wish. I booked it online, but to be honest it would have been better to just book when you get to Budapest. You can buy tickets all over the city, no problem.

Anmeldt av: prateekv , juli 2016


Anmeldt av: Valerie I , juli 2016

This tour was great and all the personnel were especially helpful and clear. You can see everything so well

Anmeldt av: Suzi S , juni 2016

brilliant tour. Lots of very useful information and can use it for 48hrs and hop on and off anytime! We visited almost every place and if we had time would have used it the 2nd day too but unfortunately it was the day we were travelling back home.

Anmeldt av: Alla F , juni 2016

It was well organised and enjoyeble tour

Anmeldt av: John Clarence P , juni 2016

The bus was comfortable, the commentary was great and the staff were very helpful. A great way to see the city so that you can decide where you want to spend your time seeing the places that most interest you

Anmeldt av: Rudecow , april 2016

Excellent routes. Frequent buses. Detailed historical information in my own language using headphones. Worth every penny.

Anmeldt av: Gert L , november 2015

Budape st med Hop on Hop off var lika bra som Dubai: Finns ingen anledning att ändra Dubai texten. Gert Lundqvist

Anmeldt av: griffin-p6 , november 2015

Amazing value as the second day is free! Very easy to pick up the tour at lots of different locations and never long to wait. Being able to use the ticket for the boat at night was really unexpected and an experience to remember. No need to pay for a sepaerate night cruise meant value was amazing.

Anmeldt av: Monique , november 2015

Muito bom, com varias opções de rotas e parando bem próximo de todos os pontos turisticos interessantes, além do que o tempo entre um onibus e outro é bem rápido. Todas as paradas do onibus são bem sinalizadas não havendo qualquer dificuldade de reconhece-las e a maioria das paradas tinham pessoas da empresa para trocar os vouchers e dar informações.

Anmeldt av: Jens S , september 2015

Super Tour, Gute Karte mit Beschreibung, freundliches Personal, viel Sehenswertes

Anmeldt av: Julie M , september 2015

This was very good and we made extra visits to other things that interested us. The tour guides were helpful and nice and one in particular told us of a café in a bookshop which was splendid and well worth a visit and we would not have known this if we had not chatted to him. The tour is good because it gives you ideas as to what to visit which interests you.