• Sted: Bali, Indonesia
  • Varighet: 9 timer (ca.)

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Anmeldt av: Laura H , juli 2016

This was a really fun trip. So long as you enjoy boozing (the majority of the day is spent doing this in some very cool places!) you and #39;ll have a fab time. The temple you visit is magical too. Be sure to blast out some tunes in the Combi and get stuck into the drinks fridge :-)

Anmeldt av: Melissa S , mai 2015

We were a group of 4 over 60's and had a lovely day visiting the beaches around Bali and enjoying a few different resort venues for drinks. Not being the partying type, we probably didn't have as much fun as a group of young people would. The idea is great and the Kombi itself it fantastic. Very well maintained, clean and well equipped.

Certainly worth doing if you are looking for a different type of tour for your young, or young at heart group.

Driver and guide very very informative, helpful and spoke great English.

Anmeldt av: Nicole B , juli 2015

The Kombi broke down! The tour guide and driver were excellent, both very friendly and welcoming however the night was ruined when we had to make a 30 minute detour to switch cars. This was after we spent an hour crawling along in traffic with other cars swerving around us and overtaking us, the kombi just had no power. At some points I was scared we would roll back down the hill we just climbed! They had to turn off all the beautiful inside lights and music just so the kombi could keep on running.
However the places we visited were amazing, particularly the sunset at the 4 seasons, absolutely beautiful. It is just a pity that the Kombi broke down.

Anmeldt av: Thomas F , juli 2016

We weren and #39;tvtaken to any bars, only some expensive restaurants where we are expected to order expensive drinks. most of the day was spent driving through very dense traffic. It was the opposite if fun. In fact, they don and #39;t even drop you off where they pick you up. It was horrible. Do not buy this