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A cable car takes nature lovers in five minutes from Adliswil to Felsenegg, a view point on the Albis mountain range. It is one of Zürich’s most popular recreation areas and at 800 meters, you have a breathtaking view over Lake Zürich, the small towns lining the shores and the towering, snow-capped mountains in the distance. Numerous walking and hiking trails as well as a restaurant on the summit serve as an escape from the hectic everyday life. From Uetliberg for example, the Planetenweg, a planet trail that reflects the distances in the solar system, leads to Felsenegg. Every meter of the path corresponds with one million kilometers in space and the two-hour walk takes hikers from the sun past planets – little metal spheres embedded in boulders - all the way to Pluto. 

Just 20 meters from where Pluto can be found, the bright red Restaurant Felsenegg awaits, where you can get a drink on the patio and enjoy the view over the Sihl Valley, Türler Lake and the Säuliamt district. While the views are spectacular during the day, don’t hesitate to visit at night either, when the sprawling city of Zürich can be seen spreading out as a sea of light in the darkness.
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