York City Walls

Once stretching 2.5 miles around the ancient city, today the well-preserved ruins of the York City Walls trace the periphery of the modern city center, encompassing many of York’s top attractions. Originally erected in Roman times, the remaining walls today date back to the 13th and 14th centuries and include four ‘bars’ (gatehouses), where tollbooths once taxed entrants to the city. Although only 3 main sections of the walls remain, interlinked by footpaths, walking the walls is a popular pastime for visitors to the city and clambering up the ramparts affords spectacular city views.

Starting from Micklegate Bar, the ceremonial entrance to the city once used by Royal visitors, a walk around the walls takes in highlights like the Museum Gardens, York Minster, the York Castle Museum, Clifford’s Tower and the Monk Bar, which now houses the Richard III Museum.
Adresse: York, North Yorkshire, England
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