Water Castle (Tamansari)

The name Tamansari literally means “garden park” and visitors will find the lush grounds—complete with water fountains and reflecting pools—are just that. A quiet respite from the hustle of city streets, Water Castle is the site of a former royal garden and once served as a workshop, meditation center and even a political hiding place. 

The bountiful grounds are edged with well-kept gardens, lush foliage and brightly colored flowers. An artificial lake, bathing complex, tiny islands and open pools are just part of the features that make Tamansari a destination for travelers seeking urban escape. The buildings on site are all connected via a network of underwater passageways, some of which are still accessible to visitors. 

Practical Info

Water Castle is located on the grounds of the Kranton in Yogyakarta. 
Adresse: Jalan Taman (Kraton), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Adgang: 7,000 Rupiah
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