Solo (Surakarta)

Slightly smaller than Yogyakarta, the conservative and traditional city of Solo is an ideal place for travelers to sample the best of Indonesia’s culture, food and spirit without the crowds or chaos. Visitors can wander through local markets selling handmade items like colorful batiks, or venture into modern-day malls with bright lights and contemporary shops. Solo is a study in opposition, since old meets new at almost every turn. 

Visitors can easily access Central Java from transportation hubs in Solo, and a number of impressive temples are located within city limits. Solo is an all-access pass to Javanese culture and the perfect spot to check out a live traditional dance or music performance. 

Practical Info

Solo is accessible via air from Jakarta, and has connections to Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pangkalan Bun, Pontianak, Ketapang and Berau, too. 
Adresse: Solo, Indonesia
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