Sadranan Beach

Sadranan Beach (or Pantai Sadranan) is found in the southeast corner of Yogyakarta Province. Located around 60 kilometers from the centre of Yogyakarta, Sadranan offers a scenic respite from city life, with its fine sand, huge waves, and dramatic volcanic backdrop.

Despite it being well-hidden and flanked by a number of other beaches, Sadranan Beach is a popular spot, particularly at the weekends. Visitors are attracted not only by the scenery, but for the opportunity to indulge in some snorkeling, surfing, and camping, with many choosing to barbecue their dinner and sleep right there on the sand. For those who like their home comforts, there are of course a number of food and accommodation options available nearby.

Besides attracting international visitors to its shores, Sadranan Beach holds significance among locals for its religious connotations. The name Sadranan derives from the Javanese word "nyadran", which refers to a religious ritual ceremony offering thanksgiving to God.

Practical Info

It’s an easy drive from Yogyakarta to Sadranan Beach, although be warned that at the weekend the traffic in this direction can become gridlocked, and the beach itself is much busier than during the week.
Adresse: Dusun Pulegundes II, Desa Sidoarjo, Kec. Tepus, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia
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