Miles Canyon

At first it’s hard to imagine, but the turquoise water that peacefully flows through Miles Canyon once posed a formidable challenge for gold rush stampeders trying to find gold. A dam now controls the surge of the waves and the water gently laps against the multi-colored cliffs of volcanic rock. The Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge gives you a bird’s eye view of this historic site.

It’s become a serene getaway, but in the past hundreds of boats sank here, hammered by powerful waves, and smashed against the unforgiving cliffs. Eventually a wood railway system was built to bypass the dangerous river crossing.

Practical Info

Miles Canyon is 6 mi (10 km) upstream from Whitehorse and minutes from downtown. It can be reached by branching off the Alaska Highway at kilometer 1467/Mile 912. Cross the suspension bridge and take the path to the right to reach Canyon City, a Klondike Gold Rush ghost town.
Adresse: Miles Canyon, Whitehorse, Canada
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