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!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Center

Before the English, before the Boers, and well before the Dutch, indigenous San people roamed the desert plains of Southern Africa. Following herds and living off the land in ways of ancestors before them, the San existed as one Africa’s most noble, successful tribes. Centuries of subjugation, however, nearly killed the culture—which is now on fantastic, fascinating display in South Africa’s Western Cape. At the !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Center, visitors can enjoy a guided tour around an open wilderness preserve, where eland, springbok, antelope, and zebra roam amidst the grass. Learn from San how to track the animals and survive on native plants, and visit a re-created, traditional San village like those they lived in for centuries. Learn some words in the San’s language that’s playfully laden with clicks, and hear the legends, myths, and tales of this mystical ancient culture.

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