Cuba Street District

Funky, chic and full of life, Wellington’s Cuba Street District is the de facto hot spot for curbside entertainment and people-watching. This pedestrian mall boasts an artsy flare that permeates the 
boutiques and cafés, and it’s the best place in Wellington to find buskers and street performers sure to draw smiles. 
Named for a 19th-century ship that carried settlers to the capital city, Cuba Street is full of enjoyable spots, from impossibly cool coffee shops where visitors linger and watch the rain roll in to the mall where shoppers stomp their feet to impromptu performances as they stroll by enjoying the sunshine. 
If visiting in March or April, there’s a chance you could attend the Cuba Street Carnival, which only happens every other year. This trendy district becomes a procession of floats that pulses with live music and turns into the hottest place in the city. During the rest of the year, travelers lose themselves in the bohemian allure of this historically trendy district and put their finger on the pulse of Wellington where it beats brilliantly close to the surface. A walk down Cuba Street is a central experience of any visit to Wellington, and it’s an easy, budget-friendly activity.

Practical Info

The Cuba Street District is located south of the Wellington’s Central Business District and runs along Cuba Street between Wakefield and Webb streets.
Adresse: Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand
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