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The Pentagon

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The headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, housed in one of the largest office buildings in the world, is the daily workplace for over 30,000 employees, both military and civilian. Much like the Vatican, the Pentagon is a city unto itself, and lays claim to six zip codes. Its distinctive five-sided building, designed by American architect George Bergstrom and dedicated in 1943, was originally meant to fit a pentagonal-shaped site at nearby Arlington Farms; when Franklin D. Roosevelt had the build site moved to its present location, the design was preserved in order to save both time and money.

On the grounds of the building, the two-acre Pentagon Memorial is a monument to the September 11, 2001 airplane attack on the Pentagon; the attack’s 184 victims are symbolized by illuminated granite benches arranged in order of the victims’ ages – 3 to 71.

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