Busch Gardens

Sure, touring the monuments and museums of Washington DC is an incredible learning experience about the history of our nation, but if all of the touring has left you lusting for a little adrenaline and excitement then a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg may be just what you need to get the endorphins back racing again. Located a three-hour drive from Washington DC, visiting the amusement complex at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is like taking a heart-racing tour of the European continent in what is also one of America’s most historic colonial towns.

Modeled after a series of European hamlets, visitors to Busch Gardens Williamsburg can either walk themselves or ride the steam train through villages which are seemingly straight out of Ireland, Bavaria, France, Italy, and a host of other European nations. Then, of course, there are the scream-inducing roller-coasters such as Griffon and Apollo’s Chariot which whip passengers to speeds over 75 mph in death-defying free-falls and 90° drops.

More than just European hamlets and roller coasters, visitors to Busch Gardens Williamsburg can also enjoy Broadway quality shows such as the Irish-themed Celtic Fyre. With four showings each day guests can nestle in the climate controlled theater with a pint of Irish brew and sit back and marvel at the energetic Irish pastime of storytelling.
Adresse: One Busch Gardens Blvd., Williamsburg, Virginia 23187, USA
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