Patuxai (Victory Monument)

Victory Monument, with its five intricate towers, is a fixture in the skyline of Vientiane, as well as the center of Patuxai Park. This regal destination pays homage to those killed in the fights for independence against France, Siam and Japan. Patuxai is as stunning from afar as it is up close. The monument’s interior is decorated with hand-painted images of religious deities. Visitors can climb to the top of Victory Monument and enjoy spectacular views of famous Lao temples, the might Mekong River and the nearby neighbor, Thailand. 

Practical Info

Patuxai is located just north of the United Nations House on Avenue Lane Xang. Travelers can climb the stairs to access views from the top for about 3,300 Kip. 
Adresse: Thannon Lan Xang, Vientiane, Laos
Adgang: 3,300 Kip
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