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Kursalon Vienna

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Vienna’s most beautiful concert hall was completed in 1867 on the edge of the Stadtpark (City Park), close to the gilded statue of composer Johann Strauss, whose music is enjoyed there nightly. The Kursalon was designed by Austrian architect Johann Garben in Neo-Renaissance style and its original use was as a spa; just a year after it opened it was given over to music and became the meeting place of choice for Viennese high society.

Recently given a facelift, the Kursalon is now returned to its gleaming, romantic best and its halls once more drip with chandeliers and elegant stucco decoration. It is known for its nightly repertoire of favorites from Strauss, Schubert, Mozart and other Baroque musicians, played by the Salonorchestra Alt Wien, which was founded in 1994.

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Kursalon Wien: Konsert med verker av Johann Strauss og Mozart

44 anmeldelser

Nyt en kveld med klassisk wiener-musikk i den berømte konsertsalen Kursalon i Wien, hvor valsen ble populær på 1800-tallet takket være den ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Wien, Østerrike
  • Varighet: 2 timer
Fra USD 53,30

Kursalon Wien: Johann Strauss- og Mozart-konsert inkludert fireretters middag

79 anmeldelser

Nyt en bedre middag og en klassisk wienerkonsert på Kursalon Wien med denne kombinasjonen av middag og forestilling. Nyt en fireretters middag med god ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Wien, Østerrike
  • Varighet: 4 timer
Fra USD 99,49