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Sitting on the Danube River in Lower Austria, Dürnstein is one of the most-visited villages in the Wachau Valley wine-growing region and is accessible from both Vienna and Salzburg. It’s a charming mix of medieval and Baroque architecture, with labyrinthine cobbled lanes and pastel-hued houses with red-tiled roofs. Full of traditional Austrian restaurants and stores selling local vintages, it’s the perfect lunchtime stopover on driving, cycling or walking tours through the valley. Often packed out by day – especially in summer – by night most visitors have left and the village reverts to its tranquil, romantic best.

Dürnstein Abbey perches right on the edge of the Danube, its stately blue Baroque tower is a local landmark. Although first mentioned as a nunnery in 1289, by the 16th century it had become an Augustine monastery and 200 years after that it was given its present Baroque facelift.

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Sykkeltur med liten gruppe fra Wien til Wachaudalen vingård

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Tilbring en dag med sykling og vinsmaking i en av Østerrikes vakreste vinregioner: Wachaudalen, som står på UNESCOs verdensarvliste. Etter en ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Wien, Østerrike
  • Varighet: 11 timer
  • Språk: Engelsk
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