Crocodile Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary

While paddling the Zambezi, locals do all they can to avoid encountering Zimbabwe’s deadly crocodiles. That’s because these killer reptiles are known for using their strong jaws to latch onto prey, eventually drowning them in the rushing waters. But at the Crocodile Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary, visitors can get up-close to these massive beasts in the safety of a guided tour. During hatching season in December and January, lucky travelers may even get to hold baby crocodiles just days after emerging from their eggs.

Practical Info

The sanctuary is located at 310 Parkway Drive in Victoria Falls. At $20 per person, the cost of entry is steep. Be sure to visit during feeding times—10:15 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. to get your money’s worth. Although the crocodiles are the main attraction, don’t’ forget to stop by the Lillian Lovebirds, an endangered bird species protected in the sanctuary.
Adresse: 310 Parkway Dr, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Adgang: General Admission: $20
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