Zocalo (Plaza de Armas)

This popular gathering spot near in the port state of Veracruz is a hot bed for culture, nightlife, entertainment, song and dance. Both travelers and locals gather inside the lively cafes that line the bustling sidewalks of this town center. Musicians playing Cuban-inspired music gather to perform while traditional dancers take to the streets for impromptu performances. 

Stalls selling local food and souvenirs, as well as bars serving strong drinks and restaurants dishing Mexican cuisine make this car-free area perfect for curious pedestrians looking to explore. Colonial architecture lines the square, which fills with locals after dusk and on weekends. Travelers love the salsa clubs in close proximity but agree that there’s plenty of dancing in the streets of this Zocala, too. 

Practical Info

Zocalo is located in Queretaro on Calle Luis Pasteur near the corner of Libertad, north of Jose Ma. Pino Suarez. 
Adresse: Calle Luis Pasteur, Veracruz, Mexico
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