These ancient ruins of the Totonac people line the lower volcanic slopes near the Gulf of Mexico and have not been occupied since the 16th century. Cortez, the Spanish conquistador, arrived on these rocky shores and wandered through the open plazas and religious temples that still dot the hillside. 

Crumbling tombs and game courts peak out over the Gulf of Mexico, offering travelers a chance to capture truly unique photographs—especially from atop the nearby peak. This steep mountain pass is a bit of a challenge, but affords incredible views of this historic site and the scenic Gulf. Despite its beauty and historic significance, few travelers actually make the trek to Quiahuiztlan, which means crowds are thin, making ruins easy to navigate. 

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It is possible to reach Quiahuiztlan from the city of Cardel. Taxis cost about US$15. Public buses are also available for about US$5 each way
Adresse: Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico
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