Venice Gondola Rides and Canal Tours

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Venice is defined by the water that surrounds it, and taking in the sights from a boat offers a uniquely Venetian perspective on the city. Whether you choose a classic gondola ride or a canal cruise, here are your options for Venice boat tours.
  • See some of Venice’s main sights, including the Grand Canal and the Doge’s Palace, from a new vantage point
  • Gondola rides typically last 30 to 60 minutes; tours by motorboat are usually closer to 2 hours
  • Combine a boat tour of Venice with a walking tour, lunch, or dinner

Gondola Rides
Riding in one of Venice’s iconic gondolas is a popular way to experience the city. You can book a private gondola ride for just you and your sweetheart, some of which include a serenade along the way, or ride in a gondola with a few other people to save a little bit of money. Sunset rides are most popular, so they can sometimes cost more than daytime rides.

Canal Cruises
There are many more kinds of boats in Venice than just gondolas, of course, from modern motorboats to small, traditional Venetian boats. Canal cruises usually run through both larger and smaller canals, giving you a chance to see both sides of the city. You’ll glide by the once-opulent palaces along the Grand Canal and catch snippets of everyday life on the back streets of Venice.

Combo Tours
Combining a short gondola ride with a meal or a walking tour is a great way to round out your day in Venice. Add a walking tour to see the city from both the water and land, or choose a 4-course lunch or dinner to upgrade your experience.
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