Top Day Trips from Venice

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Venice is a must-see destination, but be sure to explore the rest of the Veneto while you’re there. Use the city as a home base to go see Venetian islands, zoom around the Motor Valley, or wine taste nearby. See below for more day trip options.
Venetian Islands — up to 5.8 miles (9.4 km) away
Murano is famous for glass-blowing workshops, colorful Burano is historically a center for lace-making, and Torcello is primarily a nature reserve and the location of the original Venetian settlement. It’s easy to take a vaporetto from one island to the next, leisurely exploring all three in a day.

Verona and Valpolicella — about 80 miles (129 km) away
The legendary site of Shakespeare’s tragic Romeo and Juliet, Verona has undeniable romantic appeal. The city’s ancient Roman amphitheater is a highlight on any day trip tour, as is what is known as Juliet’s Balcony. The nearby Valpolicella region is famous for wine-making, particularly the prized Amarone—combining a visit to Verona with a winery tour of Valpolicella offers a chance to see both a historic city and the Veneto countryside.

Motor Valley — 103.9 miles (166.3 km) away
The headquarters for Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani are all conveniently set in the same part of the Emilia-Romagna region, sometimes called Motor Valley. Take a day trip from Venice to admire the shiny red cars in the Ferrari Museum, see how Lamborghini sports cars are made during a factory tour, and stop for lunch along the way to sample local specialties from nearby Bologna.

Dolomite Mountains — 115.3 miles (184.5 km) away
The UNESCO-listed Dolomites are an imposing sight, with tours of the mountainous area including stunning views of the region’s lakes and valleys. Eat a traditional local lunch, walk on mountain trails, and explore the charming ski resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo on a full-day tour.
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