St. Anthony’s Basilica (Basilica of St Anthony)

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Padua makes a lovely day trip from Venice, and one of the main churches to visit in Padua is the Basilica of Saint Anthony. It was built in the 13th century, and it incorporated into its design the small church in which St. Anthony had been buried. This is why the church rises to the level of a Basilica.

The brick facade of St. Anthony’s Basilica is more austere than St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, but its rounded domes will no doubt look familiar. The inside of the church is also far less colorful than St. Mark’s, but there are several notable pieces of artwork in St. Anthony’s. There are 14th century frescoes by Altichiero da Zevio, an ornate 16th century candelabrum by Andrea Briosco, and bronze statues by Donatello.

St. Anthony’s body was originally in the Madonna Mora Chapel when the Basilica was built around it, but in the mid-14th century it were moved to the Chapel of St. Anthony.
Adresse: Piazza del Santo, 11, Padua 35123, Italia
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