One evening in 1965, thousands of herons and egrets descended upon the village of Petulu outside of Ubud for no apparent reason, and they’ve been coming back to roost each day ever since. Tens of thousands of these birds, mostly cattle egrets and Javan pond herons, participate in the nightly spectacle, and while that’s enough for most visitors, locals believe the white birds bring good luck with them too.

The show typically begins around 6 p.m., though you can head over early to grab a seat at one of the warung (cafes) in the area for a cold drink while you wait. Some of the birds show up early and begin roosting, so it’s a good idea to avoid standing beneath the trees. It's a pleasant bike ride from Ubud to Petulu, but if you plan to stay and see the birds, you’ll have to ride back in the dark.

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The village of Petulu is located east of Ubud's town center and is easily accessible by foot and bike. There is a well-marked turn off to prime viewing areas.
Adresse: Petulu, Bali
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