Bali Botanic Garden

The expansive Botanic Garden Ubud provides a deeper understanding of the rich plant diversity that makes Bali so green. These Balinese gardens are the work of German-born Stefan Reisner, a former journalist who was inspired by Berlin's Royal Gardens and Potsdam to create something similar and protect and feature Bali’s own natural beauty.

Opened in 2006, the site occupies more than 14 acres of natural ravine divided into several themed gardens and greenhouses. Highlights of the collection include the orchid greenhouses filled with colorful blooms, the succulents garden, where visitors can learn about the cacti of East Bali, and the maze -- a big hit if visiting Ubud with kids in tow. 

The garden remains a work in progress, as both a children's area and a sensory garden for the blind are reportedly in the works.

Practical Info

Botanic Garden Ubud is open daily and located just outside of Ubud along the road to Penelokan.
Adresse: Jl. Kebun Raya, Tabanan, Bali 82191, Indonesia
Adgang: Varies
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