Sapadere Canyon

A tall canyon filled with turquoise streams and waterfalls, Sapadere is a retreat into nature in the Turkish Riviera. Formed centuries ago by erosion from water and ice, it stands 360 meters long and nearly 400 meters high. Fresh air breezes through the canyon, filled with the sounds of rushing water and wildlife such as butterflies and birds.

Once unknown outside of locals, facilities were only recently built to welcome visitors from all over Turkey and the world.  A natural wooden path curves through the park, at times leading to pools for swimming (especially welcome in the summer heat.) High rocks and the Torsos mountains scenically surround you as you walk through. At the end of the path is the canyon’s most impressive waterfall, which also has a spot ideal for swim in the clear waters. The nearby Sapadere Village is also worth a stop.

Practical Info

Sapadere Canyon is located 50 kilometers east of Alanya. To get there, head toward Demirtas village and then follow the signs to the canyon. The entrance fee is 5 Turkish Lira. Be sure to bring your own water and sun protection. 
Adresse: Sapadere Kanyonu, Turkey
Adgang: 5 Turkish Lira
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