Toronto Harbor

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The Toronto Harbour comprises of a few areas. Running east to west from Jarvis, just south of Queens Quay to lower- Spadina along and south of of Queens Quay is the downtown Harbourfront area. The focal point of the Harbour also known as The Harbourfront is where the Harbourfront Centre, Power Plant art gallery and Queens Quay Terminal are located. At Bay and Queens Quay, the walkway to the ferries ($7 per adult each way) to access the Toronto Islands.

The Harbourfront has transformed over the years due to the proliferation of condo developments and a new population that never existed. It is now become more of a destination due to its revitalization. You can picnic, rent a boat or take a tour over to the Toronto Islands or simply walk along the boardwalk. Key spots to picnic other than the islands are on the man-made beaches, mainly Sugar Beach (named after the Redpath Sugar Factory nearby) and the HtO Park, on Queens Quay near Rees Street, known for their pink and yellow umbrellas, respectively. You can get your picnic supplies at supermarkets Loblaws (at Jarvis St.) or at Sobeys (at York St.). Alternative dining options are plenty due to the number of sprawling patios with a lakefront view including The Watermark and the newly opened Amsterdam Brewery. Toronto’s food truck scene has also made wave for vendors to open in the newly opened Ontario and Canada Squares (appropriately opened on Canada Day, 2013).

There are plenty of photo opportunities and landmarks including the “Light Showers” waterfall installation at the Sherbourne Common urban park; the eco-friendly building housing the media company, Corus; the Simcoe wavedeck; the installations at Canada and Ontario Square; and the Toronto Music Garden, inspired by cellist Yo Yo Ma, where you can watch free concerts.
Adresse: Queens Quay at York St., Toronto, ON, Canada
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