Tokyo Metro

Japan as a whole and Tokyo in particular have train travel down to an art. The Japanese capital has two main subway operators — Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei) and Tokyo Metro — and Tokyo Metro is the largest with nine of the city’s 13 lines. Tokyo Metro also draws the largest ridership.

While you can’t get everywhere in Tokyo on Tokyo Metro, the lines do cover most of the city’s most popular attractions and shopping areas, including Shibuya Crossing, Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower and Tsukiji Market. The system is also very easily navigable for English speakers, thanks to signage, station announcements and ticket machines in English. Trains depart every two to three minutes on major lines during morning and evening rush hours, and free Wi-Fi is available at most stations.

Practical Info

Tokyo Subway Tickets, available to tourists at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, offer one-, two- and three-day passes good for unlimited rides on both Tokyo Metro and Toei lines.
Adresse: Tokyo, Japan
Adgang: 170 yen-390 yen
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