Hakone Open-Air Museum

The Open-Air Museum in the suburb of Hakone is an easy train ride from Tokyo and a great place to spend a sunny day. This sculpture park contains hundreds of works by both Japanese and Western artists ranging from elegant to surreal and spread out over 200 acres.

Bring your camera, because many surprising photo opportunities await you: a massive three-ton head turned on it's side, vibrant dancing geometric shapes and giant zombie hands that reach into the sky in an ode to the movie Shaun of the Dead. Start your tour at the rainbow colored stained glass tower with a staircase to the top for a view of the massive park. All of the sculptures are framed by naturalistic trees, fields and mountains.

Kids (and possibly adults) will enjoy the massive Children's Pavilion with it's innovative and colorful play structures.
Adresse: The Hakone Open-Air Museum Ninotaira, Hakone-Town, Kanagawa-Prefecture 250-0493, Japan
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