On the opposite bank of the Arade River to Portimão and linked to the city by bridge, the small seaside resort of Ferragudo is a world away from the crowded malls and yacht filled marina across the water. A traditional coastal village, where the hillsides are dotted with white-painted fishermen’s cottages and a maze of cobblestone lanes lead to the lively quay, it’s the Algarve’s best-kept secret that is unlikely to stay secret for much longer. 

Highlights of Ferragudo include the ruins of the Castelo de São João, the quaint fishing port and the two sandy beaches, Praia Grande and Praia da Angrinha. The historic Ferragudo lighthouse is another notable landmark, perched at the end of a narrow promontory and offering wonderful views along the Atlantic. 

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Ferragudo is located opposite Portimão on the east bank of the Rio Arade.
Adresse: Ferragudo, Portugal
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