Tasman Bridge

Towering over the Derwent River and dramatically illuminated at night, the Tasman Bridge has long been one of Hobart’s most memorable landmarks. Built in 1964, the five-lane bridge runs for 1.4km across the river, connecting the central business district with the eastern suburbs, and forming part of the long-distance Tasman Highway.

Despite its status as a city landmark, the Tasman Bridge is perhaps most notorious for its collision with the MV Lake Illawarra bulk carrier In 1975 – an accident that caused extensive damage to the bridge, the sinking of the ship and several fatalities, becoming known as the ‘Tasman Bridge Disaster’. Today, a memorial plaque honors the tragic victims, while the sunken vessel provides an unusual attraction for scuba divers.

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The Tasman Bridge runs across the Derwent River in central Hobart, Tasmania. 
Adresse: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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