Russell Falls

Visitors to Russell Falls face a difficult question concerning the surrounding beauty: Is it the lush environment and deep green foliage that give this area its splendor, or is it the three-tiered waterfall that powerfully plummets its way through the verdant forest? Either way, Russell Falls is often considered to be the most popular waterfall in Tasmania, and the short, paved walkway that leads to it makes for an easy and accessible hike. 
The falls are located in Mount Field National Park, where large tree ferns and forests of swamp gum create an exotic, faraway feel. The park also teems with wildlife, and lucky travelers with a keen eye might spot a platypus, echidna or possum. Ten minutes further up a steep trail, another waterfall, Horseshoe Falls, provides a second option for photographing water spilling down through the forest. Visitors who want to work up a sweat can extend their visit and tackle the 
Tall Trees Circuit, a 30-minute trail through towering swamp gums, the tallest flowering trees on Earth. 

Practical Info

Mount Field National Park is located an hour northwest from the capital city of Hobart. Park day passes cost either $12 per person or $24 per vehicle, and while the rains of winter and early spring can make for thundering falls, the long, warmer days of summer remain the most popular time to visit.
Adresse: Mount Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia
Adgang: Day pass $12 per person, $24 per vehicle
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