Mikumi National Park

One of Tanzania's largest parks is Mikumi National Park, located in the southeastern part of the country. On its own, Mikumi National Park covers roughly 1,250 square miles spread across the floodplain of the Mkata River. Just to the south of Mikumi is Africa's largest game reserve, the Selous, making this a particularly interesting place to see abundant wildlife.

Animals you might see during a visit to Mikumi include lions, zebras, impala, buffalo, wildebeest, kudu, giraffe, elephants, baboons, and elands – the biggest antelope in the world. There have also been more than 400 bird species seen in the park, including lilac-breasted rollers, bateleur eagles, and yellow-throated longclaws.

Practical Info

Mikumi National Park is 175 miles from Dar es Salaam. The park is accessible year-round, but it's typically better to visit during the dry season (typically May-November).
Adresse: A 7, Kikiboga, Tanzania
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