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Taroko Gorge National Park

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Some of Asia’s most spectacular scenery awaits you at Taroko Gorge National Park, Taiwan’s foremost tourist draw. There’s an incredible range of landscape here: imagine Sumatra snuggling up to Sweden and you get some idea of the variety. Marble rock faces plummeting into chasms, teeming rainforests, crystal waterfalls and pine-covered alpine reaches – snow-capped in winter – offering breathtaking panoramas wherever you look. Among the park’s unforgettable sights are the looming Chinghshui Cliff on the Pacific coast, the twisting vistas of the Tunnel of Nine Turns and the dramatic hanging bridges of Swallow Grotto. The few buildings here make the most of the topography, particularly the Eternal Springs Shrine which hugs a lush green hillside next to its namesake springs.

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