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Situated in Taipei County, the town of Yingge is well-known for its production (and celebration) of all things ceramic. It’s true that pottery and ceramic fans will be in their element here, with several hundred pottery shops, an annual festival, and even a ceramics museum.

For the annual Yingge International Ceramics Festival, Jianshanpu Road is undoubtedly the main hub, and is in fact where the ceramics industry in the town all began. Despite being modernized, this road still features an old coal-fired kiln chimney along with a number of other ancient buildings. A pedestrianized section of Jianshanpu Road is known as Ceramics Old Street and is home to numerous ceramics shops, as well as the odd street performance.

To delve deeper into the history of the ceramics industry in Taiwan, head to the Yingge Ceramics Museum. Opened in 2000, the museum takes visitors on a complete journey through the history and development of pottery in Taiwan, as well as giving an insight into the production process.
Adresse: Yingge, Taiwan
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