Taipei Zoo

One of the largest zoos in Asia, Taipei Zoo—also known as Muzha Zoo—features a wide variety of animals from around the world and those that are native to Taiwan. A popular attraction for locals and visitors alike, Taipei Zoo is also a leader in wildlife and ecological research, education, and conservation.
The Basics
Established in 1914 as a private zoo, Taipei Zoo moved to its current location in Muzha in 1986. The zoo has a total area of 408 acres (165 hectares), of which 22 acres (90 hectares) are open to the public. Featuring eight outdoor displays and six indoor areas, the Panda House, Formosan Animal Area, Koala House, and Penguin House are especially popular. There is a lot to see at Taipei Zoo, and you can easily spend half a day here. Take advantage of the internal (paid) shuttle to get around the vast grounds, which are built on a hill.
You can purchase tickets at the gates or, to save time, buy them ahead of time and have them delivered to your hotel in Taipei.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Taipei Zoo is a must for animal lovers and families with children.
  • Guided and audio tours are available.
  • The zoo has a number of amenities, including lockers, souvenir shops, restaurants, and concessions.
  • Much of the zoo is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, both of which are available at the Tourist Information Center.
How to Get There
Taipei Zoo is located in Taipei’s Wenshan district, near the Maokong Gondola. Take the MRT’s Brown Line to the terminus, Taipei Zoo. A number of city buses also stop at the zoo.
When to Get There
Taipei Zoo is open year-round, except for Chinese New Year’s Eve. If you want to see the pandas, visit during the week or earlier in the day on weekends and holidays, when there is a cap on visitor numbers and a separate timed-entry ticket is required. Also note that some exhibits are closed for maintenance on different Mondays of the month; check the schedule to avoid disappointment.

Native Taiwan Animals
The Formosan Animal Area features species that are native to Taiwan, which, despite being an island, has a diverse ecosystem. Featured animals include the Asiatic black bear, Chinese pangolin, flying fox, Formosan sika deer, Taiwanese macaque, Swinhoe’s pheasant, and otters.
Adresse: Taiwan
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