Taipei Zoo

Built up the side of one of Taipei’s many green hills, the Taipei Zoo is the largest zoological park in Asia with more than 222 acres (90 hectares) of exhibits open to the public. As you walk uphill through the zoo, you’ll pass through 12 outdoor areas and 10 indoor ones with ample space for picnicking.

The zoo was originally privately owned by a Japanese citizen until the Taiwanese government bought it in 1915, a year after it was built. It was relocated to its current location in 1986 to allow for expansion and larger animal exhibits. Today, a variety of domestic and international animal species, including over 130 species of birds, call the park home.

Make sure to visit the Formosan animal area to observe some of Taiwan’s native animals, including the flying fox, Chinese pangolin and Asiatic black bear. Also of note is the Giant Panda facility located just to the left of the entrance. Plan to head there just as the park opens to avoid the crowds.
Adresse: Taiwan
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