Huaxi Street Night Market

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One of Taiwan’s most popular, Huaxi Street Night Market announces itself with a grand ceremonial gateway with charming Chinese lanterns providing decoration and more powerful lights illuminating the area to near-daylight levels.

Many visitors are drawn to Huaxi Street by the stalls collectively known as “Snake Alley,” but its vendors attract far more onlookers than those willing to test the potency and vigor said to come from eating snake soup and other serpent derivatives. Thankfully less adventurous gourmets are well catered for, with the huge range of dining options in the surrounding streets encompassing noodles, oyster omelets, chicken skewers, cuttlefish soup and traditional custard pastries. Local delicacy stinky tofu lives up to its name, but like the dreaded durian, tastes a lot better than it smells.

Adresse: Taiwan
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