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Sydney BridgeClimb

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The Sydney BridgeClimb is a memorable way to mark your visit to Sydney and Australia. Taking you up and over the huge arch of iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can gaze out over the city and spectacular Sydney Harbour from 134 meters (440 feet) above the water. Described by those who have done it as “incredible” and an absolute “must-do,” the climb is the ultimate adrenaline fuelled way to see Sydney. There are three guided climbs that you can choose from: The Express, The Discovery and The Bridge Climb that all take you to the summit of the Bridge via different routes. The Express Climb is a smaller group tour (up to 12 climbers), with fewer stops on the Bridge, that allows you to explore its length in just over two hours. The Discovery Climb takes three and a half hours and is a chance to explore the heart of the bridge and learn more about its history and engineering.

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