Shark Island

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On an urban getaway to Sydney's Shark Island, travelers can surround themselves with the cobalt waters of the famous Sydney Harbour and find the best coastal perch to enjoy the panoramic view. Once used for animal quarantine, Shark Island is now part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. The 3.7-acre island's picnic tables, walking paths and craggy coves are sprinkled with sand and sea glass, offering a peaceful escape just a short ferry ride from bustling Circular Quay.

Visit as part of a guided tour to stroll the shoreline and snorkel, or make your own schedule by visiting as part of a hop on, hop off ferry cruise. Aside from seeing Shark Island itself, travelers are treated to a full view of Sydney Harbour, where the Opera House and Harbour Bridge rise up from the hills and waves.
Adresse: Shark Island, Point Piper, New South Wales, Australia
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