Fort Christian

A historic fortress built in the history-rich St Thomas town of Charlotte Amalie, this Danish-built fortress has been a cultural highlight here since 1672 and so acts as one of the finest treasure troves of ancient artifacts in the small Caribbean island’s long history.

Fort Christian serves as a beautiful example of Dutch-Caribbean architecture, built in the Gothic-Revival style. It once successfully repelled foreign invaders from a bygone era, but today, the fortress stands as a monument to colonialism and exhibits the history of the Caribbean from the Stone Age to the present, while also offering a fine display of Dutch antiques. 

Practical Info

Fort Christian is located between Veterans Drive and Emancipation Garden in the St. Thomas town of Charlotte Amalie. The fortress is currently undergoing reconstruction, but is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Adresse: Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, Jomfruøyene (Virgin Islands, USA)
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